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In the spirit of Bikini Boot Camp week 3, let’s talk shoes. No matter how you like to work out; running, yoga, hiking, cross-training, wearing the right shoes can really accelerate your results. While wearing the wrong shoes can really slow you down and increase the potential for injury.

Below you’ll find some suggestions of shoes for 4 major work out categories!




Cross Training

What’s your favorite workout? Share or comment below.

Keep up the hard work!

  • manju

    Hi, I wanted to know how can we see the suggestions for the 4 categories? I can only see Running,Yoga/Pilates/Barre,Hiking,Cross Training but that’s it. Where can I see your suggestions about the shoes?

    • desireehartsock

      Hi Manju! There should be images under each category that are shown in a gallery form so you can scroll through our suggestions. Not sure if it may be your browser or try to reload. Thanks!

      • manju

        Thank you so much, for some reason it’s not showing onmy laptop, but I was able to see it on my phone. Have a great day!