As we all know, tonight Chris Soules will hand out the final rose on The Bachelor! Whitney and Becca have been two of my favorites from the beginning. They seem like such class acts. Such beautiful women inside and out. Chris would be a very lucky man to end up with either woman. I can’t wait to see who he picks!

I always love seeing the girls get dolled up each week. Each girl has their own distinct style and I love getting new hair and makeup ideas from them! This week I decided to spotlight the final two women and recreate each girl’s hair and makeup.

Processed with Moldiv

Becca is all about smoky eyes and nude lips with awesome beachy waves. Whitney is all about soft pink lipsticks and romantic wavy hair. Since their looks are so different from each other, I thought it would be perfect to create this video! I hope you like it and to make it easy for you all, I used the same products in both looks!

xo, Cassandra