Summer is the season of BBQ’s, pool time, relaxation and hanging out with friends! There is always an excuse to get outside when the sun in shining, water glistening and food grilling.

Chris and I were able to take a much needed weekend getaway to Lake Chelan a few weeks ago to spend some quality time with friends, catch up on some sun, lay pool side and enjoy a  BBQ that transported us straight to Margaritaville!


I was really excited about trying out some Margaritaville products since I love visiting the restaurant any chance I get! I’m a sucker for dressings and toppings that add a punch of flavor; especially if that includes, BBQ, ranch, jerk or pineapple! I’m drooling just thinking about the chicken and salads we made.

The variety of flavors to choose from was perfect with the amount of people we had there. Everyone got to choose their favorite dressing and marinade to enjoy a personalized meal! My favorite marinade was the Pineapple Chili-Lime Marinade, my favorite dressing was the BBQ Ranch (of course!) and my favorite view was of my man BBQing! 🙂

Check out a really delicious salad recipe using the BBQ Ranch dressing below.




Margaritaville BBQ Ranch Dressing

Pineapple Chili-Lime Marinade

Lettuce (of your choice)


Chicken Breasts

Tortilla Strips



Black Beans

(optional) Shredded Cheese


1.) Marinade Chicken Breast with the Pineapple Chili-Lime Marinade.

2.) Grill the chicken and pineapple. Tip: Cut pineapple into long spheres or rings for grilling.

3.) Shred or cut chicken into small pieces. Cut pineapple into cube size pieces.

4.) Combine all ingredients, mix with BBQ Ranch dressing and ENJOY!


A #MyMargaritaville BBQ wouldn’t be the same without a signature margarita! Margaritaville margarita mixes are the best on the market, with the perfect amount of flavor. I LOVED the Mango flavor mix with the sugar salt on the rim of my glass. SO delicious!

Between 4 couples, these mixes went fast! A serious must for any event, birthday or BBQ coming up in the near future. You and your guests will love them!! Just see for yourself with the recipe below.



Makes: 12 oz. Serves: 2-3 drinks


0.50 oz. Margaritaville Gold Tequila

0.50 oz. Margaritaville Silver Tequila

0.50 Margaritaville Triple Sec

0.50 Bols Orange Curacao

0.50 Finest Call Lime Juice 1 lime quartered Salt


1.) Salt the rim of each glass

2.) Add ice to mixing tin

3.) Add ingredients into mixing tin

4.) Squeeze lime wedges into mixture and add to tin

5.) Shake vigorously in mixing tin and pour into glass.


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