Its that time of the week again! Time for some braiding 101. For those of you who missed Part One of the Braiding Series, for the next few months we are releasing an exciting list of hair tutorials! Before we begin Part Two, revert back to the Lace Twist Braid from last week if you missed it. Each week you will be learning new techniques as well as incorporating old techniques from previous hairstyles. Making all of you braiding gurus by the new year!


Part Two: Half-Up Knot Braid

What you need to know: This entire hairstyle is made up of knots. A knot is much like a twist, except instead of wrapping around each strand you are intertwining the two strands into a loop.

How To:


Step One: Gather bang area into a small clear elastic on the top of your head. Split ponytail into 2 sections.


Step Two: Tie the two strands into a knot and secure with a bobby pin.


Step Three: Repeat this process while adding hair in from the outside.


Step Four: Secure last knot with a bobby pin.



Step Five: Bonus* Twist the remaining hair into a loose twist to create an intricate braided style.

Congrats! You have just completed Part Two of the Braiding Series.


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Amanda @blohaute