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Jillian Harris’s Home Decor for Valentine’s Day

Hi!!!! Jillian Harris here!! I am SO thrilled to be contributing to Desiree’s site! For those of you who don’t remember me, I was on The Bachelor season 13, and then The Bachelorette season 5. Yes, I got engaged, no we are not together anymore, but that is old news! I am happy, and loving… Read more


Motherhood with Molly Mesnick

Since moving to Seattle over a year and a half ago, I have had the priveledge of becoming friends with Jason and Molly Mesnick. If you have been living under a rock and not familiar with this adorable couple then let me fill you in. Jason was the Bachelor on Season 13 of ‘The Bachelor’ and… Read more


Spotlight: Sinclair & Moore Events

If you haven’t heard yet… Chris and I tied the knot this past Sunday!!! Woohoo! That means you can now call me Mrs. Siegfried. 😉 We couldn’t be any happier and will be sure to share all of the details with you in the coming weeks. 😉 If you can’t wait till then, you can check out Us… Read more


How to pack for ‘The Bachelor’

If there is anything that I learned while being on ‘The Bachelor’ the first time around was that ‘less is not more’. To pack for an uncertain number of weeks and for unknown locations, the more you bring the more you have to choose from. I made the mistake of packing ‘light’ and only bringing… Read more


Get Ready in 15 Minutes!

Get Ready in 15 Minutes By: Cassandra Ferguson // Follow on Instagram at @CassandraFergie Hey Everyone! This week I wanted to show an entire hair and makeup look that takes less than 15 minutes. Whether you are a stay at home mom, student, or a workaholic, this look is for YOU! I wanted to focus… Read more

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Travel: Mental Escape to South America

Mental Escape to the South American Summer By: Lesley Murphy // Travel blogger at Road Les Traveled // Follow on Instagram  @LesleyAnneMurphy  Hello 2015! Where did you come from? It’s like I blinked an eye and fireworks, sequins, champagne and make-out sessions were all around me and voila! Another year is upon us. I suppose… Read more

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How to: Instant Flat Iron Beach Waves

Flat Iron Beach Waves By: Diana Willardson with Salon Shag Items needed: flat iron + beach spray  If you are sick of the typical curling iron curl, flat iron waves are a good way to mix things up. Start with clean, straight hair. Take small sections starting from the top of your head and curl… Read more

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How to Organize your Fridge to Prevent Waste

How To Organize Your Refrigerator To Prevent Food Waste By, Megan Roosevelt, Registered Dietitian and founder of Organizing your food within the refrigerator may seem tedious but it can help prevent food waste, which for most is worth the extra thought! When considering where to place each item, consider if the food needs to… Read more


Get Fit: Stay on Track in 2015

First off…HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so excited that this year I will get the chance to share some of my ideas, tips and favorite fitness products with you guys! So, like always, with the New Year comes new resolutions and goals. Let’s talk about one of the most common resolutions…getting in shape. For many people… Read more

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Romantic Surprise Vow Renewal

A surprise can go a long way and this vow renewal is one for the books.  Warning: This surprise is so sweet it may make your eyes tear up. Ben wanted to do something special for his wife of 7 years, Alex, and what better way than surprise her with a vow renewal for just… Read more


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