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GIVEAWAY! Win $500 for Tax Season with

Ok, so I’m sure you’re dreading April 15th just as much as I am. Right!? Tax season is never fun, especially when you don’t even know where to begin. Well, I found the easiest way to do your taxes online that won’t leave you worrying about your return AND will help benefit an organization very near and… Read more


Dancing For a Great Cause! VOTE NOW

I’m beyond excited to share that I will be dancing in this year’s Seattle Dances to benefit Plymouth Housing. Plymouth Housing is a wonderful organization here in Seattle that provides homes to the most challenged homeless adults in our community. We have had the privilege to work with them these past years and have seen the mission firsthand so… Read more

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My Trip to Guatemala: Overflowing Faith and Clean Water

Guatemala is a beautiful country filled with vast and lush landscapes. The nostalgic bright colored buildings are a travelers paradise and the aura is easy to fall in love with. While the aesthetic is visually pleasing to anyone who visits, it is the people of this Central American country that have left a lasting impact… Read more


I’m Heading to Guatemala on another ‘HER’ Adventure

As we head into a new year, I am reminded of all the many goals and resolutions I’ve listed in years past. Many of those lasted for only a month but the one long term goal I set for myself each year, of helping others in any capacity, has evolved and changed throughout my life. Throughout the years and… Read more

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My Party for HER

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to host a party for all of my friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Lucia. Of course, it was a time for everyone to meet and mingle, but also a way to share the impact The HER Initiative has had on my life and the lives of women and… Read more

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My Trip with Healing Waters has Changed my Life Forever

There are moments in our lives that impact the way we think, act, react, and go about our daily tasks. Past experiences teach us lessons for today and heart touching events change the way we live in the moment. I have always wanted to be apart of something larger than my comfort zone, but would have never of thought… Read more


What Would You Do Without Clean Water?

What would you do without clean water? That is a very hard question to answer after our comfortably long hot shower, with more than enough water to go around for at least 5 more people, and as we sip on our double shot latte or bottled natural spring water. I ask this question in all seriousness though as there… Read more


#RealTalk : Cyber Bullying- Take a Stand

Bullying among kids has always been a problem. Long before social media and the internet there was always someone to pick on, no matter where you worked, went to school, or lived. Now with the access to so many types of people on social media and the internet, a minute doesn’t go by where I don’t see… Read more


Events: All-Star Softball Classic for United Way

We are so excited to play in the All-Star Softball Classic next Saturday that I’ve been trying to brush up on my hitting skills any chance I get. 😉 Come out and support a great cause with us! It will be a day of fun, fan fair, and an opportunity to help raise money for… Read more


St. Jude’s Glamour + Giving Seattle Event

We are honored and privileged to be able to host St. Jude’s Glamour & Giving Event in Washington on June 4th. St. Jude’s doesn’t just offer research and care for their young patients, they offer hope and encouragement. There is no possible way to know if we will ever be impacted first hand,  but I do know that many lives,… Read more


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Desiree Hartsock Bridal

Desiree Hartsock Bridal