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‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 3: Boyz-or-Men?

I know, I know.. I am a little late to the Bachelorette party with my recap but since there was an episode on Sunday and Monday and I was away both days I have to slowly catch up in between work. I was brought up to speed a little last night (and more this morning)… Read more


{Chris’s Corner} The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Corner! Just kidding it’s Chris’s Corner. Don’t get confused “y’all.” Get it? Andi says y’all a lot and I like it. This week I’ve decided to jump right into the meat and potatoes of what I think the guys should do and how they should be for and in front of Andi. Now I’m… Read more


‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 2: Snow Fights & Pony Rides

It has come full circle as we now get to watch Andi as the new Bachelorette find love in a pool of men. I feel so blessed and lucky to have been the previous Bachelorette and to have met Chris. The process really does work and I can definitely see one of these men sweeping… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ Finale & AFR {Recap}

Last night’s finale was beyond words. I honestly don’t even know where to begin because everything about it was so unromantic and the complete opposite of what the show and opportunity is about. This is a hard one to put into words because deep down to the core Juan Pablo does mean well and is… Read more

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‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Women Tell All}

It’s never easy to have all of your exes in one room criticizing your every word and move. Especially when every ex gets to watch what you said and did with other girls! Yes, it’s an extremely unorthodox way of dating and each season tends to be the same, yet as women we still can’t… Read more


Our Engagement Party

Engagements are such a special time in a couples’ life to reflect on the moments of dating that got them to where they are, and to look forward to the nuptials to come. Chris and I have enjoyed being engaged so much! It truly creates a deeper bond in a relationship to plan a future… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ recap {Andi Leaves}

 I know everyone has their opinion about what happened last night on ‘The Bachelor’ and everyone is entitled to feel however they want about Juan Pablo.  I’m not going to lie though, I’m pretty indifferent on the situation and may play the devil’s advocate on this one.  The fantasy suite date is extremely important because… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Hometown Dates}

It can be nerve wrecking to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend’s family for the first time but it is especially hard when the family knows you are still dating 3 other people! I felt extremely lucky to have met the families I did on my season of ‘The Bachelorette’ because they were all so kind… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ 2014 AWARDS!

In honor of the two-day Bachelor extravaganza this week, I am starting the week off with my very own ‘Bachelor 2014 AWARDS’! Check out the winners! Most likely to not wear a bra: Lucy Most positive: Chelsie Most likely to become a supermodel: Cassandra Most likely to give a helping hand: Renee Most likely to… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Episode 7}

What an episode of ‘The Bachelor’ that was last night! Filled with cattiness, romance, doubts, and a ‘shocking’ exit by Sharleen. The perfect recipe for a producers dream, and it all came together so beautifully. Really! I enjoyed the episode and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens at each hometown. If you ever… Read more


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