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How to pack for ‘The Bachelor’

If there is anything that I learned while being on ‘The Bachelor’ the first time around was that ‘less is not more’. To pack for an uncertain number of weeks and for unknown locations, the more you bring the more you have to choose from. I made the mistake of packing ‘light’ and only bringing… Read more


Zak Waddell’s Bachelor Recap: Episode 2

Bachelor Recap – Episode 2 By: Zak Waddell, ‘The Bachelorette’ contestant on Season 9  //  Follow him on Instagram at @RealZakWaddell  With week 1 behind us, we say goodbye to a group of ladies that never experienced life in the Bachelor Mansion… or almost never. Kimberly has tenacity and most importantly, a good reason to stay.  When… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ First Night Likes, Loves, & Insights

LOVE: Makeout session with Brit! Hot and natural LIKE:  That Tara came out in shorts and a plaid shirt, then changed into a dress. Shows that she can still be a lady… until the booze kicks in. INSIGHT: Definitely know when to cut yourself off from drinking, to not end up like Tara by the… Read more


Zak Waddell’s Bachelor Recap: Episode 1

Bachelor Recap – Episode 1 By: Zak Waddell, ‘The Bachelorette’ contestant on Season 9  //  Follow him on Instagram at @RealZakWaddell  If you missed last night’s episode of The Bachelor, it’s easy to find out what happened. Ask around at work, start your thumbs digging through Social Media… heck, Siri might be able to answer it…. Read more


The Bachelor Bracket: Chris Soules

Welcome to another season of ‘The Bachelor’! Who is ready to get started!?! I know I am! I am excited to see more of farmer Chris Soule’s personality as the lead and to meet the various ladies that will be (clawing) vying for his heart! He seems like a genuine, all-American guy that knows how… Read more


Bachelor 19: Contestant Celebrity Doppelgängers

Chris Soules is the new Bachelor for this upcoming season of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ and in honor of the girl’s vying for his heart I have found their celebrity look-alike. We won’t be able to meet each girl until the shows premiere on Jan 5th but that’s not keeping me from getting the first glimpses… Read more


Q & A with Chris & Des

1. Will you go on a honeymoon after the wedding, and if so did you decide where? YES! Looking forward to it but still deciding on location. Definitely somewhere tropical like Hawaii or Fiji.  2. Do you like Chris’s face clean shaven or with facial hair? Facial hair for sure!  3. What do you (Chris)… Read more


‘The Bachelorette’ Overnight Dates

Aside from the hometown dates, the overnight dates are just as fun to watch and the most important time for the relationships. This is the make or break for each relationship because it’s no longer about how much fun each person is but whether or not they could be a husband or wife. You can… Read more


The Bachelorette Recap: Hometowns

Well, well, well. I am finally back with ‘The Bachelorette’ recaps just in time to meet the families of the 4 remaining men. Moving, traveling and summertime distractions have taken over my Monday night Bachelorette viewing but I vow to never let that happen again. Although I totally missed out on all the other farewells… Read more


‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 4: #LiveLikeEric

Ok, ok, before I get to the meat and potatoes of ‘The Bachelorette’ episode Monday night, I have to get through the veggies of it… so follow along. One-on-One: Trains and whistles Andi chooses Dylan for the first one-on-one which is a time for him to tell Andi about his brother and sister that both… Read more


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Desiree Hartsock Bridal