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Zak Waddell’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: The Finale

After last night, After the Final Rose… I am exhausted, winded, defeated. I followed our Hero on a 2 month quest to find love, watched him waiver with indecision in the end, then back around with the guidance of his sisters. Whitney was the obvious choice. Even though we are left with a hint of doubt,… Read more


‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Whitney + Becca Hair + Makeup

As we all know, tonight Chris Soules will hand out the final rose on The Bachelor! Whitney and Becca have been two of my favorites from the beginning. They seem like such class acts. Such beautiful women inside and out. Chris would be a very lucky man to end up with either woman. I can’t… Read more


How to stay fit while on ‘The Bachelor’

One question that I’m always asked about my time on The Bachelor is, “How did you stay in shape during filming?” You would think that a mansion, as big and beautiful as it was, would have some sort of gym room. NOT the case! So, finding ways to get my workout in required some creativity…. Read more


Zak Waddell’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Women Tell ALL

Women Tell All is a battle fought by unresolved ghost.  Like a Mississippi plantation held in a family for generations, left to rot by the 21st century, the grounds cry out with stories. Ghosts wander the old mansion, unable to transcend until the truth is told. Year by year, true accounts of actual events are… Read more


How to throw the BEST ‘Bachelor’ Finale Viewing Party

The finale of  ‘The Bachelor’ is next Monday and I know you’re just as excited as I am!! Chris has been a gentleman to watch and I have enjoyed watching the different relationships grow. Having been in his shoes I am excited for what is to come for him and to find out who his chosen… Read more


Chris’s Corner: The NEXT ‘Bachelorette’ should be…

Welcome everyone to the corner of the week. I am proud to say that I am officially hooked and back in love with the Bachelor this season… As most of you know, Jason, Molly, my wife and I go to Lucia every Monday to mingle and watch the show with Bachelor nation, but it makes… Read more


Zak Waddell’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Overnight Dates

 Zak Waddell was a contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 9 // Follow on Instagram at @RealZakWaddell There has been a loose, lingering thread in the mystery of Bachelor Chris? And from the moth infested closet it came from, I have been expecting that the old sweater Chris wears so smugly to unravel from its’ very… Read more


Zak Waddell’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Episode 7 & 8

Zak Waddell was a contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 9 // Follow him at @RealZakWaddell What B word would you use to describe Carly…Brit…Becca? Please complete the worksheet below: Carly: ______ , _______ , _______ Brit: ______ , _______ , _______ Becca: (maybe lets skip this one…the only word I can think of is Becca)… Read more


Des’s ‘The Bachelor’ Insights & Thoughts

Truth be told, I have not had much time this season to watch ‘The Bachelor’ between a wedding, honeymoon and festive Monday nights at Lucia. I enjoy witnessing organic moments happen and the unforeseen actions of the women transpire so I made sure to at least catch up on the last few episodes. I’m back… Read more


Des + Chris: Wedding Reception at Redondo Beach Historic Library

If you missed our ceremony photos at the beautiful Wayfarer’s Chapel last Thursday, you can view those HERE before checking out our reception album below to re-live our wedding day from start to finish. Chris and I both agreed that one of the most important aspects of our wedding day aside from our vows would… Read more


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Desiree Hartsock Bridal