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3 Ways to Save On Your Bridal Accessories

Every bride wishes she could be dripping in diamonds and jewels on her wedding day! But unless you’re Kate Middleton and have access to the crown jewels or you happen to be working with a Platinum Weddings budget, you might need to cut some corners and get creative with your budgeting when it comes to your bridal… Read more


How I Would Style the Rosalie Gown

The Rosalie gown from my Dreamcatcher Collection is all about boho bliss meets timeless romance! For this dress, I was inspired by the carefree glamour of seventies style and that sense you get when there is nothing but open road in front of you and blue sky above you. If you are wearing this gown… Read more


Find Your Boho Romance with the Rosalie Gown

I am SO excited to introduce you to the bridal gowns in my new Desiree Hartsock Bridal Dream Catcher Collection! These dresses were made for you and honor the beautiful journey you are on from bride to wife. The Rosalie Gown The Rosalie dress captures the indomitable spirit that inspires you, everyday, to love with an… Read more


Our Favorite Vintage and Boho Inspired Bridal Necklaces

Touches of vintage and boho are as popular as ever for bridal day fashion and it’s completely understandable. Vintage pays beautiful homage to the heirlooms and stories of the past while boho invokes the power of a free spirit and strong will–things that truly resonate with the soul. If you have a lace, ruched, or… Read more


Your Bridal Manicure…Are You Going Bold or Soft? Here’s How to Decide

On your wedding day, your hands will get plenty of limelight! After all, there will be lots of closeup shots of your ring and you holding your bouquet. Obviously, a manicure is a must–but what color should you wear? Should you show your softer side with a light blush? Or go glam and dramatic with… Read more


The Prettiest Bridal Belts for Your Wedding Gown

Bridal belts are the finishing touch for almost any wedding gown. They highlight the smallest part of the waist, creating a flattering silhouette no matter what your shape is (TIP: if you have less definition at your waist, go for a thinner belt. It will give the illusion of more natural indentation. If you have… Read more


Calling All Fur Moms: Win Money for Your Wedding With Your Dog’s Story

Newlyweds, Nearly-Weds, and Dog Beds Celebrate the love in your household that would be woefully incomplete without your four-legged friend(s). Join the fun and puppy love of the Rover pack by participating in their ultra-fun, sure-to-get-the-happy-tears-flowing, pup-driven wedding essay contest. Because what’s even better than the household of newlyweds or soon-to-be-weds? A household with four paws… Read more


3 Wedding Hairstyles You Probably Haven’t Considered–And Should!

When it comes to wedding hair, most brides think there are two options: a curled up-do or down with waves. These looks are classics and work with most styles of wedding gowns but what if you’re wanting something a little more creative? If that’s the case, here are three underutilized wedding hairstyles that you may… Read more


Timeless Earrings for Any Style Wedding

Feeling a little nervous about selecting the “perfect” pair of earrings? Take out all the guesswork by simply going classic with one of these styles! We’ve curated this season’s prettiest bits of sparkle–and the good news? These earrings are so timeless that you don’t have to worry about making a fashion faux pas AND, since… Read more


You Have to See This Bride’s Heels

You’ve seen sparkly heels and plain heels and heels with bows and ties–but have you seen floral print heels? This bride’s version of a Cinderella slipper is a soft, misty-hued heel draped in a floral print and WE HAVE ALL THE HEART EYES FOR THEM! Not only are they romantic and dreamy but they still… Read more


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Desiree Hartsock Bridal

Desiree Hartsock Bridal