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Las Vegas Adventure Engagement

Who doesn’t love Las Vegas!? … Don’t answer that. I know it can be a mixed bag for many but the bright lights, tall buildings, and desert sun can’t keep me away! I will be well on my way to Las Vegas in just a few hours to celebrate my friend for her Bachelorette party… Read more


Puerto Rico Engagement

For J & R Photography taking a trip to El Morro in Puerto Rico, their favorite place, meant capturing it in all of its beauty… with a couple in love. These engagement photos are a great way to see the location and city for all it has to offer, while admiring the sights from day… Read more


Paso Robles Bed & Breakfast Love

If you were to tell a story about your love, what would that look like to you? A hilarious comedy, a suspenseful story, a romance novel, or uniquely and perfectly your own. Alana and Enrique were married quickly without the splendor of a glamorous wedding or the opportunity to take engagement photos, so in order… Read more


Set Sail for Summer Engagements

Summer is still as present as ever thanks to this wonderful warm weather and with that I am still obsessing over the nautical look! This nautical style engagement shoot captured by WojoImage Photography is beyond words with the perfect details and props to set the mood right. The colors, stripes, boats and water couldn’t be… Read more


Flirty & Fun Engagement

I have been blessed with a friend that always supports, always listens, is always positive and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Her name is Sarah and I am beyond excited for her to marry her best friend Chris, and to share their flirty and fun engagement photos with you. From the photos alone… Read more


Lake Chelan Engagement

If you live in or near the state of Washington and haven’t been to Lake Chelan, than you must immediately plan that trip for your next free weekend. It is a beautiful place, where the sun always shines and the sparkling lake calls your name. Heidi and Jon’s engagement photos are a little slice of… Read more


Rustic Engagement

The best feeling in the world is when you can be in the middle of nowhere with your partner, alone, content and so in love. Welcome to LeAnn and Jered’s engagement photos captured by Menning Photographic. A series showcasing their infectious love for each other with an added rustic charm coming from the scenery softly… Read more


Southern Engagement

One area of the U.S. that I have yet to explore is the South. From all of the romantic movies I’ve watched and loved, I can’t help but adore the southern gentlemen, the beautiful scenery, the drawl, and the romance. There is a reason that most romantic movies take place in Georgia, North Carolina, or… Read more


Teepee Attractions

I don’t know about you but I certainly do love a good camping trip in the Summer! I grew up being outdoors any moment possible and enjoyed the time spent with my family camping, riding bikes, and cooking over a flame. Once in a while a great campground would have some Teepees on property for… Read more


Springtime in the Country Engagement

This weekend we celebrated our country… and devoured a whole lot of BBQ. When I think of America and July 4th, I tend to think country music, hamburgers, freedom and good ole’ fashion romance. Almost like a Nicholas Sparks novel, Hana and Dane’s engagement shoot captures young love in the middle of nowhere with hearts… Read more


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Desiree Hartsock Bridal

Desiree Hartsock Bridal