Bridesmaids play a special part in life and are an important aspect of a wedding. For all of the love, support and participation shown from your bridesmaids, it’s nice to honor them with a small gift of appreciation.

Whether your bridesmaids are the girly type, sporty type or edgy type, these gifts are sure to please everyone. The style and versatility of the gifts below make each option a FABULOUS choice for your bridesmaids. Hit the comments and let us know which gift is your favorite!?!



Jewelry is a wonderful choice to gift to bridesmaids because not only will they all match for the wedding day, but they will have a keepsake that will go with other dresses and outfits. Try this Irregular stud set from my jewelry collection, Desiree for Kv Bijou, for a simple and elegant look that pairs well with any style and color.



These Sole Society coral bags are the perfect size to fit any other gifts you would like to give and are practical for everyday style. Find more bags, clutches and purses to gift at SoleSociety.com. Your bridesmaids will be happy to have something they will use.



I adored the Show Me Your Mumu Kimonos I gifted my bridesmaids! They were perfect for getting ready and were a fun print for photos. Find these and more styles at ShowMeYourMumu.com.



Sole Society not only makes great bags they are known for their variety of shoes as well and these light gold strapped heels go with any style or color of dress. Also, the comfort of these shoes allows the girls to be in them all night and wear them for years to come. Many more styles to check out at SoleSociety.com.



If you’re unsure what to give your bridesmaids then these Pinch Provisions minimergy kits are the best gift for anyone! They come packed with everything you would need on a wedding day and beyond. I use these kits for travel because they are so convenient and life saving. Check these out at PinchProvisions.com.