Family Trip in Idaho with the Hyundai Palisade


This post and our trip to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was sponsored by Hyundai Motor America but all opinions are my own.


It’s true. I have never been one to know much about cars.

I’ve always thought if it can get me from point A to point B then that’s good enough for me. Keeping the focus off of the amenities, color, ride or technology, I have driven through life quite joyfully just chugging along in my automobile without a care in the world.

Fast forward to present day.

As a mom to two boys and a car obsessed husband, cars not only consume my daily play with my toddler but in recent days are consuming my mind.

We recently took a trip to Sunriver, Oregon. Just a hop, jump, skip away from Portland where we currently live and quickly discovered that our GMC Terrain just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. It was a game of Tetris trying to fit everything we needed into the trunk space and into the crevices of foot space available. It is no joke the amount of items needed for babies, toddlers and parents just trying to get a break on vacation.

Needless to say, it was uncomfortable and way too packed, so we are now on a mission to find a larger, family centered, trip accommodating, SUV for our family.

We had the opportunity to test drive the newest Hyundai Palisade a month ago and were blown away by the technology, space and capability. As a mom, a few of the stand out components included in the Palisade, but not limited to, were the 14 cup holders, captain seats, third row capability, quiet mode (where I can shush the music in the back when the kiddos fall asleep), voice command, cameras and drive assist. Not to mention that the back row and captain seats were all button operated! I hate fussing with seats or needing two hands to do anything when I have a baby on my hip. I would say Chris’s favorite part was the drive assist too because it’s fascinating how a car can push you back toward the road if you accidentally drift toward the side. AND the blind spot mirrors when you put your blinker on were key! The trunk space was also everything we need, so all-in-all we were completely impressed.

The Palisade is now at the top of our list for our new family car. Stay tuned for more car testing reviews and what we end up going with!

Photos: Amy Stone Photography

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