I HATE Having My Photo Taken–How Can I Relax For My Engagement Photos? #AskDes


Hello beautiful bride! Sometimes wedding planning can feel like a big fat question mark but don’t worry–I’m here to help you out by answering the wedding planning and styling questions you submitted on social media using #AskDes.

First of all, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! This is a day for love! I hope that wherever you are and whoever is around you, that you feel so very, very, very loved.

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Now, onto the questions!

Annie asks: I HATE having my photo taken! How do I relax for my engagement photos?

I get this. When I first went on the Bachelor, I had to get used to cameras–fast! It can be hard to feel natural when there is a lens focused on you. Be sure to pick a photographer who you feel comfortable around. Most photographers will meet with you before you book them so don’t hesitate to grab a coffee with your top choices and see how you vibe. Ahead of time, tell your photographer that you would like some guidance and that you are a nervous in front of the camera. Part of your photographer’s job is to guide you into flattering positions and help capture you at your best. If they know that you are hesitant about being in the spotlight, they’ll be able to help you. On the actual day of shooting, just have fun! Enjoy the time with your fiance–laugh, joke, dance, do whatever comes naturally to you. Don’t worry about the camera and focus on having a good time with your fiance.

Steph asks: How do I decide where to take my engagement photos?

This question brings back so many memories. For our engagement photos, Chris and I hiked two miles to a stunning overlook. By the time we got there, we were sweaty, it had rained, and my hair was completely windblown. But, as we held each other, we were on top of the world, literally and figuratively. The photos were everything I wanted–they captured the sweeping beauty around us yet were also so intimate. Here’s one of my favorite shots:

My advice is based on my experience. We picked the location because we both love the outdoors and adventuring together. So, whenever a bride asks me where she should take her engagement photos, I tell her to look to her life for inspiration. Think about the places you and your fiance love to go and what you love to do. Do you guys enjoy going out to dinner for drinks? Put on some stylish outfits and take some shots at your downtown city walk. Is there a favorite museum or brewery you love hitting up? Dress cute yet casual and arrange for your photographer to shoot the two of you while you’re enjoying time together. You can even have your photog come to your home and shoot you making dinner together. If your photos reflect what you love doing together, they will automatically feel authentic and beautiful!

Thanks for joining me! Meet me here next week for more q’s and a’s!



Photography by: Rachel SolomonPhotography by: Giving Tree Photography
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