The Only Braided Hairstyle You’ll Want This Month


We never met a braid we didn’t like and this one is no exception! We are obsessed with this half-up, braided hairstyle (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but despite how intricate this hairstyle looks, it’s super easy to do). We see ourselves wearing this to a party, coffee with a friend, or even to a yoga sesh–it’s that adaptable. New fave? For sure!

Here’s how:

Taking a section of hair from just above your ear, make a thin braid and repeat on the other side

Gather up a section of loose hair from the side of your head, twist it, and pull it back. Repeat on the other side

Bring the twisted sections together behind your head and secure with an elastic

Carefully wrap the small braid around the twisted sections of hair

Secure the braids with a small elastic

Done and done!

Photography by: Pinterest
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