What is a Wedding Gown Trunk Show? #AskDes


It is wedding planning Wednesday again! I’m excited to dive into the wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted on social media using the hashtag #AskDes.

With Summer right around the corner, I’m sure you brides have wedding gown shopping on the brain! And I love it because, as a wedding gown designer and former wedding dress consultant, it’s one of my favorite areas of bridal planning. Also, we must have all been on the same wavelength because I recently added a list of wedding gown trunk shows to our Events page. These are special times where you can preview the Dreamcatcher wedding gown collection. So, if you are in Texas, Tennessee, or California, I hope you will schedule an appointment for one of the shows!

Now, onto your questions.

@monicarice asks: What is a wedding gown trunk show? 

A wedding gown trunk show is an exclusive event where you get to try on the latest gowns from a specific designer. You will be the first brides to see the dresses and, oftentimes, the designer herself or a representative from the line attends to assist you in finding the perfect gown. Some salons also offer special pricing on the dresses or accessories purchased at the show so a trunk show is a great time to buy your wedding dress. Plus, the energy at these events is fun! Lots of brides say “yes” to the dress at these appointments so expect to hear lots of laughs, cheers, and maybe even some (happy) tears.

@stefanieicecreamfann asks: What happens after I find my wedding dress? What is the ordering process?

First things first! You hug your mom, take tons of photos, and relish the fact that you got this part of your wedding planning crossed off your list. Then, after you’ve sufficiently celebrated, it’s time to get measured. Your wedding gown consultant will most likely take three measurements: your bust, waist, and hips. After that, she will show you the size chart and help you select the ideal size. Keep in mind, most brides fall in between sizes–and that it’s usually best to order a bigger size rather than a smaller one (it’s much easier to take a wedding gown in than to let it out and the last thing you need is to stress about loosing weight). Once your size is determined, you will place your deposit which is typically 50-60% the total of the gown. The balance will most likely be due once the dress arrives at the salon. You will also sign a contract that outlines the salon’s policies. Since wedding dresses are made-to-order, they are final sales. All you need to do is pay the deposit, sign the contract, and then wait for your wedding dress to come in!

@beagelloverr asks: What happens after my wedding gown arrives at the bridal salon?

It’s exciting when your dress arrives at the salon! It means that your wedding day is closer and that you get to try on your actual gown. Once you get the call notifying you that your dress is at the salon, you will most likely schedule an appointment to go try it on. When you do, don’t fret if the fit isn’t perfect–that’s what alterations are for! Depending on the salon, you may take the dress home with you and bring it back for alterations or the salon might store it for you until then. Just be sure to ask if there is a storage fee if they do offer to keep it for you.

The next phase is alterations! It’s always best to do alterations at the salon where you purchased the dress. For your first appointment, bring your wedding day heels and any undergarments you plan to wear with the dress. Throughout the alterations process, your gown will transform into the wedding dress of your dreams!

That’s it for now! Be sure to meet me back here next Wednesday for more wedding planning and styling advice!



Photography by: Rachel Solomon
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