Help! I’ve Fallen in Love With Two Different Wedding Gowns–What Do I Do? #AskDes


Hello, lovely bride-to-be! Welcome, welcome. This is my column where I answer the wedding planning and styling questions you submitted online using the hashtag #AskDes.

Anyone ready for spring? I certainly am and it finally seems like Seattle is as well. The rain and clouds have dissipated and the skies are clear and the sunshine is so bright, you can basically bathe in it (give me all that vitamin D!). While it’s still technically winter, I’ve already started living my spring life. So bring on the beautiful sunny weather and long days spent near the water! Spring, I’m ready for ya!

Now, onto the questions!

@stellabela84 asks: Help–I’ve fallen in love with two different wedding gowns! What do I do?

You’ve fallen in love with two different dresses (you shouldn’t be surprised because, apparently, this sometimes happens with people as well! Just look at Ben Higgins). First of all, don’t stress! It’s good to have two options that you feel great in. It means you can’t go wrong. Step away and give yourself some time t assess how you feel. Look at the photos of yourself in the two different gowns. Consider which one fits your venue, personal style, and overall vision for your wedding. I suggest scheduling a quiet time at your wedding gown salon to try them on again after sleeping on it for a few days. Bring just one trusted friend or relative and try on the dresses back to back. With a clear mind, you’ll be able to listen to your heart and determine which gown is the “one.”

@gabiramirez03 asks: I purchased my wedding gown but my venue changed and it no longer goes. What do I do?

Since wedding gowns are final sales, an exchange is unlikely. However, it doesn’t hurt to check with your bridal salon to see if they can help you out. But if they are unable to and you don’t have the budget for another wedding dress, it’s time to make your bridal gown work for your new setting! If your venue is now more formal, it’s fairly easy to style your wedding dress to fit it. Consider purchasing a detachable tulle skirt from Etsy to wear over your gown to make the silhouette fuller, opt for a long veil, and go for accessories that will add some glam, like a sparkly belt or headpiece. If you have the opposite problem and your gown is too formal, talk to a seamstress about taking out layers of crinoline inside your dress to streamline the cut and go for more simple accessories. Also, you might want to think about the styling of your venue. You can elevate the venue to match your gown by decorating key areas with lush details (for example, add blooms and hanging crystals to your ceremony arch). At the end of the day, don’t worry if your gown is on the more formal side–there is absolutely no such thing as being overdressed to your wedding!

@emilybeachbabe4ever asks: My gown arrived in the bridal salon and I tried it on but it doesn’t fit the way I envisioned. What’s going on?

It’s confusing to try on your wedding dress for the first time and feel, well, a little lackluster about it. Most wedding gowns are ordered according to a standardized size chart so they don’t fit perfectly to your precise measurements. Oftentimes, since brides fall in between sizes, the salon will order the bigger size to ensure the gown will fit (it’s always easier to take a gown in than to let it out). But don’t worry! Once your wedding dress is altered to your figure, it will fit like a glove and you’ll get all those original feels back.

That’s it for today! Thank you for your questions!



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