How Do I Save Money on My Wedding Flowers? #AskDes


Helloooo Wednesday! It’s that time again–time for me to answer the wedding planning and styling questions you submitted on social media using the hashtag #AskDes. I hope you all had a beautiful Valentine’s Day filled with love and lots of kisses (whether that’s chocolate or real ones!). 😉

Now, for this week’s question.

Amelie asks: How can I save money of my wedding flowers?

Flowers are an important part of wedding design. From the bouquets to the reception centerpieces to the boutonnieres, they fill your wedding day with their beauty and fragrance. But, since they are a fresh product, they can definitely take a hefty chunk of your wedding budget. However, with these tips, you can offset the costs of these beautiful blooms!

Go Seasonal and Local. When booking your florist, inquire about which flowers are easily accessible to her and which ones are in season. Roses flown in from France may be gorgeous but ranunculuses from a nearby farm will give the same effect and cost a fraction of the price.

Be Open to Filler and Extras. You can make a bouquet look lush and dense with greenery and give it special flourish with ribbon. By using filler and elements like ribbons, you’ll give the illusion that your bouquet is elaborate without needing as many flowers.

Loose Leaves. Dramatic floral centerpieces are beautiful but can cost a lot, especially when you need one for each table! You can maximize your budget by purchasing loose greenery and artfully displaying them on the reception tables. Simply accent them with candles for styling that is elegant and sophisticated–not to mention cost effective.

Use Bouquets as Decor. You have seven bridesmaids…that means you also have seven bridal bouquets that you can use as decor! After the bridal party photos, have your bridesmaids place the bouquets on the cake cutting table or the sweetheart table.

That’s it for today! Meet me here next week for more questions and answers!



Photography by: Katie Parra Photography
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