Breastfeeding Essentials Every New Mom Needs


This past month has been quite the journey with a new baby and a toddler. I’ve learned more about my boobs and breastfeeding than I ever thought possible and continue to be amazed by the human body!  The demanding feeding schedule a newborn has along with the wear on nipples can really take a toll on a new sleepless mom. That’s why I’ve put together all the essentials that have been helping me enjoy this special time with Asher and to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time.

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter  :: Nipple cream helps cool and moisturize the nipples to keep them from getting cracked or more painful from baby’s powerful sucker. A must have after each nursing session to keep your boobs ready for more.

Nursing Pads :: With the new production of milk comes leaky boobs when you least expect it. These pads keep milk leakage from soaking through my shirt and ensure I don’t embarrass myself while I’m out and about. A working mom’s saviour.

Covered Goods Multi Use Nursing Cover :: I only use this nursing cover for out in public or when guests come over but I love that it also comes in handy as a scarf or blanket for baby.

Medela Nipple Shields :: Asher had a tough time latching the first week of life and I had a tough time figuring out the best position for him to try and latch properly. Because of that I had to use these nipple shields to ensure he was getting the breastmilk needed until we could work on getting him latched without. Fortunately we figured it out and I no longer need these but they were a huge help for the unexpected and are also great for anyone struggling with painful nipples while breastfeeding.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow :: I originally had a Boppy nursing pillow but the roundness and shape of it wasn’t the most comfortable for me or Asher so I bought a Brest Friend and already feel the difference. This one straps around the waist allowing baby to stay against the body and the pillow from moving around. Also, it has a back support pillow that has helped my back so much and a pocket for snacks during those many late night nursing sessions.

Rosie Pope Nursing Tanks :: Stylish, functional and comfortable! Nursing tanks are an absolute MUST!  They make life so much easier for day and night and work well under shirts, sweaters or solo.

Snacks:: Kind Bars, Yogurt Drinks, Cashews, Bissinger’s Gummy Bears, Dried Mangos :: I LOVE snacking and so I’ve enjoyed my late night binge snacking on some of my favorites while nursing. The constant feeding with waking up every two hours really makes you hungry so it’s better to be prepared than starving in the middle of the night.

Boob Ease Soothing Pillows:: What a boob saver! Especially those first few weeks when the milk started to come in and the supply was adjusting to what was needed. These pillows can be heated or cooled to cater to your needs. The heat felt amazing on my newly filled boobs and helped keep them from engorgement- which can lead to mastitis.


Willow Wearable Breast Pump :: This pump is a huge upgrade for breastfeeding mamas! It’s the first and only all-in-one mobile breast pump that fits in a nursing bra, perfect for those on the go moms. The bags that collect your milk are actually already inside the pump, ready to go! I’m also obsessed with the app that you can download on your phone to track battery life, suction level, and how much you pump each time. If you invest in this pump, you won’t be sorry!

Ollie Gray Pumping/ Nursing Bra :: This bra is the best! It works for breastfeeding but is ideal for pumping with its great support, elasticity, and functionality to keep the pumps in place so hands are free to do what you want.

Medella Quick Clean Pump Wipes :: These wipers are great for if your not home and need to clean your pump after pumping. Just keep them in your purse or diaper bag and wipe them pump after each use. Easy!

Dr. Browns 4oz Glass Bottles :: I love these bottles! The size, design and ability to help reduce colic make these one of our favorites. We introduced one bottle at night just this week so I can get a little more sleep and Chris can get some one on one time with his son and it’s been a life saver.

Mini Refrigerator :: This mini fridge is an unconventional nursery item but has been the one item Chris and I couldn’t imagine being without. Not only does this fridge keep bottles cold for the late night feedings for Chris but also can be turned to heat which was amazing for the first weeks I was using my Boob Ease pillows in between feedings! Living in a three story townhouse makes this a must so we don’t have to go downstairs in the middle of the night to get a bottle or heat up my boob pillows. Something to think about for your baby registry!

Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths :: Because spit up is inevitable, and having a burb cloth on hand is a savor! Even when you are pumping these are nice to have to clean up any spills when removing the pump. These ones are super soft and organic, which is a win win!

Breastmilk Storage :: For the working mom or anyone needing to pump then you will want to get breastmilk storage to keep everything in order by date and available for bottles when needed.

All of these items have been life savers for us as new parents and I hope they work the same for you!  🙂

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