How Can I Plan My Dream Wedding on a Budget? #AskDes


Hello! I’m here with my cup of coffee–I hope you have one too! That way we can consider this our weekly coffee date. The topic of our time? Addressing the wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted online using the hashtag #AskDes.

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Budgets were on the brain this week. Particularly, wedding planning on a budget. This is something I completely understand. When I was designing my wedding gown collection, it was important to me that my gowns were offered at an accessible price point. If you are wearing one of my gowns, I want you to look gorgeous while still having some leftover to build a life with your love. After all, when your wedding day ends and you take off your gown, it’s just you and your husband, hand in hand. However, having a tight wedding budget does not mean sacrificing style or the special feel of your bridal day. So read on for my best tips!

@shelbeewelbee asks: How can I plan my dream wedding on a budget?

With the profusion of gorgeous wedding photos on Instagram and Pinterest, it can feel intimidating to plan a wedding on a budget. However, I’ve seen so many shoestring budget weddings that felt beautiful, personal, and completely stylish. It’s all about being creative with what you have!

For the venue: Consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday night (Saturdays are the most expensive) and during the off-season. Look for alternative venues, like community centers, university campuses, local restaurants with gardens, and even libraries.

For the dress: Purchase your gown during a trunk show. Oftentimes, special pricing will apply! You can also inquire about buying a sample out of stock.

For the flowers: Purchase a bulk order of flowers online (you can often get wholesale pricing) and have an artistically-gifted friend arrange them in vases the night before or opt for greenery (it’s easy to source greenery from the yards of friends and family and it looks so pretty spread down the center of a table with some votive candles).

For the food: If you want a sit-down dinner, pasta is much more affordable than meat or fish. Also, consider cheap yet creative alternatives to meals, like a mashed potato bar! Another way to save money is to skip a full dinner and opt for cocktails and appetizers instead. Just be sure to hold the wedding at an in-between meal time (like 1:30).

For the photography: Try to book your photographer early, especially if your wedding is a year away. A lot of photographers raise their prices at the start of the year. Inquire about bundling engagement photos and wedding photos and ask about the different levels of their pricing. For example, you can book them for your getting ready and ceremony shots and then only reserve them for an hour of your reception.

For the cake: Have a small display cake to display and cut and then have sheet cakes in the back to serve all your guests. Also, consider alternatives to a traditional cake by having relatives bake their favorite desserts and then arrange them beautifully on a table.

@stacyleeri asks: How do I keep positive about my wedding when I’m planning on a shoestring budget?

I totally get this. All you have to do is flip open a People Magazine and you will be confronted by a gorgeous celebrity wedding–it’s so easy to feel pressure to have the “perfect” wedding and, oftentimes, we interpret “perfect” as “expensive.” But the most important thing about your nuptials is that they are  heartfelt and personal. It doesn’t matter if you have metal folding chairs instead of gold Chiavari chairs. The real focus is you and your partner and the adoration you have for each other. If you keep that as your priority, your guests will feel the love and won’t even notice if you don’t have a $5,000 designer wedding gown.

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Photography by: Modern Made WeddingsPhotography by: Rachel Solomon
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