Preparing For Baby with Diaper Bag Essentials



Pregnancy has it’s ups and downs but there’s one thing that is guaranteed- babies require a whole lot of stuff! Each baby is unique in their own right but for the most part there are those essential (and necessary) products that make life with a newborn much easier when on the go. I’ve sought out the best advice from every mother I know to put together a list of diaper bag essentials I’ll be sure to include in my diaper bag for our little man.

While the products may vary with each baby, there is one essential that every new mother needs to start with: a fabulous diaper bag.


I have had a major style crush on Lily Jade Co. long before a baby was on the horizon and have used a few of their styles as my trusty travel bags for the past year.  I can’t wait to finally turn those travel bags into stylish and functional diaper bags that will last me long after the dirty diapers and well into potty training. With Lily Jade’s removable diaper bag insert it’s easy to use these bags for any occasion and switch them out as often as I need. Right now I’m drooling over the Meggan bag in black canvas but love the Madeline bag in brandy to go with all of my fall sweaters. Which is your favorite!?

Let’s not forget the items that will be inside my fabulous diaper bag for baby… and for me:

Baby Wipes


Swaddle or Blanket

Changing Pad

Burp Cloth

Extra Clothes for baby

 An extra shirt for me

Sanitizing Wipes (alcohol free)

Roll of Diaper Trash Bags

Binky and/or teether toy

Nursing Pads

Booty Balm

My other staples (chapstick, lotion, gum)

AND Chocolate (of course)

Did I miss anything else?!? Would love to hear what staple you have (or had) in your diaper bag for baby.. (or for yourself) in the comments below. 🙂


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