When Should I Start Shopping for My Wedding Gown? #AskDes


Happy Hump Day! I have to say–I’ve been so enjoying answering the wedding planning and styling questions you submit on social media using the tag #AskDes that it cures my midweek blues.

Also, I’m particularly excited because we have four trunk shows coming up! When designing my dresses, I always have you brides at the forefront of my mind so it’s truly meaningful to place these gowns into your hands. If you are nearby any of these salons during these dates, I hope you come by and preview my gowns in person. The most wonderful part of designing is seeing my work come full circle and watching my gowns empower brides to feel beautiful and strong on their wedding days.

Your questions this week were all about wedding gowns! Here we go:

@stephabye asks: When should I order my wedding gown?

This is a great question because it is important to order your wedding gown on time. If you don’t, you might face rush fees or the inability to get the exact dress you want. Wedding gowns, unlike most garments, are made-to-order. That means they aren’t made until you place your order and, due to their intricate natures, they take quite some time to be constructed. I suggest ordering your wedding gown about eight months prior to your wedding date as gowns take about four to six months to arrive at the salon and you will have two months for alterations. This way, the designer can fulfill your order and you can relax, knowing that you also will have ample time for alterations.

@veroniquelefay asks: Why are alterations required for most wedding gowns?

While wedding dresses are made-to-order, most are not made-to-size. This means that they are made to fit a standard size chart and most brides fall in between sizes. Also, most wedding gowns are made for someone who is 5’9 and most of us are not 5’9! You will most likely need the following alterations: a hem, bra cups, and adjusting the sides so you get a perfect fit. You may be tempted to order a smaller size than you are currently measuring but I suggest that you go with the larger size. It’s easier to take a gown in than to let it out and you don’t need the extra pressure of trying to loose weight while wedding planning!

@divabride982 asks: What should I bring to my first alterations appointment?

Your first alterations appointment is fun! You get to try on your actual wedding gown and have it pinned, which gives you a good idea about the way it will ultimately fit. Be sure to bring your wedding heels so the hem is correct and any undergarments you wish to wear with the gown, like Spanx. It’s a good idea to purchase your undergarments from a store with a return policy in case the items don’t work with your gown (for example, you might discover that the lacy corset you wanted to wear with your dress shows through the fabric). You’ll also want to bring your accessories and veil so you can try everything on together. For your last fitting, be sure to bring your maid of honor so she can learn how to bustle your gown!

That’s it for today! Be sure to meet me here again next week.



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