My Top 7 Picks for Traveling with Baby


The first time traveling with a new baby can cause all sorts of anxiety for new parents. Will baby cry on the plane? Will he or she get off of a sleep schedule? Will we be able to sight see or get outside of the hotel room? We had the same questions floating in our minds before taking our first trip last year to Hawaii and Los Angeles with our 3 1/2 month old, Asher.

I didn’t quite know what to expect, or know how Asher would handle the time change, the airplane ride or the different schedule but I have to say it all went really well. From our trip, there were really only seven items that I feel were a MUST and am glad I can share them with you so you can have a great experience traveling with a new baby.


#1 Doona mobile car seat system:

Ok, so our Doona car seat has been the biggest lifesaver since having Asher and I don’t think we could ever travel without it! It is a car seat with a mobility system that allows us to easily place the car seat in ANY car using the seatbelt and then -like magic- convert the car seat into a ‘stroller’ for effortless travel through the airport and while on vacation. It was especially helpful for when Asher fell asleep. We could keep him napping while enjoying our time poolside or sight seeing.

#2 Milk Snop Nursing Cover

This cover never left our sight during our trip! I didn’t realize how versatile and necessary this cover was until it became the one thing we couldn’t leave the hotel without. I was able to use it initially on the plane while I nursed Asher but then it became his little fort to block out the light while he slept on me. He pretty much slept the entire flight to Hawaii only waking up to feed. I’m sure the vibration from the plane helped but the cover was so practical for creating a comfy atmosphere for him as well. We even used it while Asher napped by the pool when we first got there since he was still sleeping from the car ride and as we went exploring.

#3 Lille Baby Carrier: 

The baby carrier is always a smart thing to pack no matter where you’re off to. When the Doona car seat wasn’t ideal I would just carry Asher in my Lille carrier so he could go wherever we wanted to go. Also, many of my friends use the carrier for the airport and airplane since you can place your baby in there to sleep (and easily feed) throughout the flight. The carrier allows you to enjoy excursions, hikes, walks or sight seeing with baby in tow.

#4 Travel neck pillow:

At first I was thinking about bringing my Boppy nursing pillow with us for nursing, tummy time and a comfy seat for Asher but I’m so glad we forgot to bring it because it would have been far too big for a plane and bulky to pack with everything else. SO.. at the airport we bought a travel neck pillow that turned out to be the perfect size as a comfortable pillow on the plane for nursing and nap time and a great pillow for tummy time and lay time in the hotel. The up side is that I can also use it for solo travel so it’s something we won’t grow out of.

#5 Diaper Backpack:

I adore my Lily Jade diaper bags and the fact that they can convert into a backpack but for this trip I decided to get a backpack with more support that has specific compartments and waterproof lined pockets for all of babies necessities. It was the easiest carry on to travel with and the perfect size to keep everything organized. I didn’t begin or end vacation with an achy back from too heavy of bags and was nice to have a backpack for exploring as well.

#6 Sound Machine:

We don’t go out of town without the sound machine that is in Asher’s nursery. It turns any room into a familiar and comfortable setting for Asher to sleep calmly. The white noise is also great for our own sleep so we don’t mind packing the one we have.

#7 SkipHop Travel Changing Station

We made sure to never miss a change or blow out with this travel station! It has a mesh pocket for diapers and a waterproof lined pocket for wipes -with a nice container for them too- and a good size waterproof mat for changing that all folds into a clutch size station for easy packing.

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