With So Many Options, What’s Best for My Wedding Colors? #AskDes


It’s Wednesday and we know what you want for Christmas. Love, happiness, and some #AskDes wedding advice! Oh look–we have that for you right here! We’ve gotten several questions this week and I am excited to jump in and answer them. Now cozy up with a hot chocolate and get to scrolling!

@maddygirl1988 asks: How do I pick my wedding colors?

Your wedding colors set the mood and tone of your bridal day so this is an important decision! Start by considering the season and formality of your wedding. Think soft shades for spring or for communicating a romantic/whimsical feel, such as blush or lavender–you can basically just take your favorite color and go for it in a light iteration of itself. For summer or to convey a fun and lighthearted vibe, you can still stick to soft shades but mix in some brighter tones like coral, yellow, or teal for a seasonal pop. Fall–and dramatic weddings–beg for unexpected twists on seasonal hues, such as rose gold and black or burgundy and navy while winter works well with green and silver or even red and gold. Of course, these are just general guidelines! You can pick whatever colors speak to you–it’s all about how you use them!

@michimoyher asks: How can I wear color on my wedding day?

I love brides who express their style with color! There are so many ways to do this, depending on how much color you want to wear. You can slip into a pair of brightly-hued heels, paint your nails a dramatic shade, or wear a colorful sash. Hair flowers, necklaces, and combs are all options for incorporating your favorite hues. I’ve also seen brides add in colorful layers of crinoline under their skirts and slip on a cute, colorful cardigan at the reception. Depending on your personality, you can even wear a wedding gown in a nontraditional color. I’ve worked with brides who’ve gone for blush, champagne, and soft green bridal dresses. In these soft hues, they still felt bridal and oh-so romantic. At the same time, I’ve also styled brides who went full throttle and wore burgundy, black, and even yellow. It’s all about finding the right amount of color for you!

@daniellayogagirl8 asks: Navy, black, khaki, or gray…what color suit should my groom wear? 

You aren’t the only one getting married! Your groom should be as stylish as you are. Take his cues from the venue and vibe of the wedding. For daytime and outdoor weddings, put him in lighter-colored suit cut from seersucker or khaki. If your affair is more ritzy, give him a James Bond feel with a black, well-tailored suit (or even a tux!). You can also add in a playful feel by giving him a colorful bowtie or patterned pocket square. When you see him all fancy and waiting for you at the end of the aisle, you’ll fall in love all over again!

Thanks for following and asking your questions. Don’t forget to come back each Wednesday for more wedding planning and styling questions answered.

xoxo, Des

Photography by: Ed Osborn Photography
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