How I Can I Easily Decorate My Ceremony Site? #AskDes


Thanks for meeting me here! I’m looking forward to answering your wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted on social media using #AskDes.

Quite a few of you inquired about decor, specifically in regards to your ceremony site. And I understand why! Your guests see your ceremony site before any other part of your wedding. It’s their first introduction to your wedding and their first peek into your style. For my wedding, I relied on the venue itself to establish a romantic and ethereal atmosphere. Chris and I wed in a beautiful glass chapel in Palos Verdes. We adored the earthy feel of the chapel, the hundreds of glass windows, and how you could see the gorgeous sky, trees, and plants just outside the chapel. We’ve always loved the outdoors and it felt like we were wedding in a cathedral of trees. I will always cherish that place and the sacred memories we created standing inside the chapel, at the alter.

Now, onto your questions!

@erikamatzke asks: How can I easily decorate my ceremony venue?

There are some really easy (and affordable) ways to decorate your ceremony venue! Simply focus on creating drama in just a few areas, like the aisle. I suggest sprinkling your aisle with petals, setting up groupings of thrifted candle holders, or even lining it with greenery (which you can source yourself from family and friend’s yards!). You can also decorate every other aisle chair with ribbons. For the alter, simple goes a long way because everyone will be focused on your vows. You can set up a small table with cross on it or a big bouquet of flowers. If you are feeling the boho vibes, I love the idea hanging up a macrame banner to an arch and setting out some layered rugs. Want more glam? Rent just one or two crystal candelabras to frame the alter. And, for effortless romance, string a bunch of a blossoms on clear fishing wire and suspend them from an arch.

@elinorelovesjordanm asks: What are some creative ways to set up our ceremony site?

Not feeling the traditional rows of chiavari chairs? Don’t worry–there are many creative ways you can set up your ceremony site! First of all, play with patterns! You can set up your chairs in a circular pattern or even a triangle, with the point ending at the alter. You can also get a creative look by using nontraditional seating. Consider using a variety of upholstered furniture for a glam look and old wooden church pews for a rustic feel. For a country vibe, lay out checkered throws on hay bales and for a casual wedding, set out picnic blankets with a variety of decorative pillows. With any of these unconventional seating layouts, your ceremony will definitely leave an impression!

@celinas287 asks: What information goes in the ceremony program?

The program is your guests guide to your ceremony! It outlines who is in your bridal party (a cute way to personalize this is to give a little information about each person) and an itinerary of the ceremony. If you have special readings or songs, you can also include those so your guests can read along. And, if you have any ethnic or religious traditions, you can explain those in your program so your guests understand what is happening. For a fun feel, you can also mix in some extras, like the story of how you met!


Photography by: Emma Lee Photography
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