Keep The Bling In Your Ring With These Products


We all know how fun it is to flash that new engagement ring around! But, as time progresses, you may notice that your ring has a little less flash then when he first slipped it on your finger. Of course, you can take it to a professional jewelry cleaner (and, in order to keep your ring insurance active, some jewelers require that you bring it in for yearly maintenance) but if you want to spiff it up in between visits, we have everything you need! We’ve included everything from full ring cleaning machines to on-the-go wipes to the good old dishwashing soap and baby toothbrush. AND, in addition to these awesome ring cleaning products, we also have a few extras, like ring sizers (in case you want to wear it a little before you get it professionally fitted) and silicone rings for honeymoon adventures. Here’s to eternal sparkle (with a little assistance)!

Photography by: Shannon Moffit
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