How We’re Preparing for Baby #2


Only a few days away till we welcome our second precious little baby boy into the world and we couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter in life. While figuring out what products we would need for Asher was quite overwhelming the first time around, the preparation this time around has been super easy since we already know what we love! I’m SO excited to use each and every item below for our little babe.

4Moms Mamaroo ::

This innovative rocker is pretty awesome and something I wish they had for adults! Time will tell whether or not baby will like the sounds or the different movements to choose from but even the cushion and incline are perfectly comfortable for baby to hang out while I make lunch or when I get back to a daily work routine. The fact that the rocker has different movement options to choose from and does it by itself is enough for me to know it was definitely made with moms in mind.

Modern Wrap Classic Carrier Wrap ::

There are many knit baby wrap carriers on the market and I have yet to truly try them all out but what I have experienced is the length of many wraps seems to be outrageously long and frustrating to wrap around with so much material. The length of the extra material is unnecessary and why many of my mom friends recommend this wrap- less extra material with a good sturdy knit that doesn’t stretch out after too much wear. I can’t wait to wrap my baby to me and know it will make living life a whole lot easier with my hands free. Also, baby loves to be next to mama as they can feel the warmth and heartbeat they were so used to for a full 10 months so he will love it too. 🙂

Lily Jade Diaper Bag ::

I can’t say enough great things about this stylish yet chic diaper bag. I’ve used these as travel bags for the past year but with the washable, removable insert that includes many compartments and a diaper changing pad, I can’t wait to use this as my diaper bag.

Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller in One ::

Since we plan to take road trips to see family and travel as we did before, this stroller is a must for us as our travel car seat and stroller. It is seriously an all in one and dream come true for a mom on the go. The wheels are locked in place to be a car seat and in one easy motion the wheels can come down and handle bar moves up to become a comfortable stroller without moving baby or even waking him or her up! I’m excited to use this on our next trip.

LILLEbaby 6-Position Carrier ::

I still plan to take light hikes and explore on the weekend, so this carrier will be perfect for either Chris or I to wear during more active outings. The difference with this carrier is the incredible back support and the temp control with a mesh panel for warm days and head covering for cooler days. My friend borrowed this for her 5 month old when she was in town and felt the difference over her other carrier because the back support was so comfortable.

Thule City Sleek Stroller ::

4Moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard ::

Halo Innovations ‘Bassinest’ bedside swivel sleeper ::

I can’t wait to use this ‘Bassinest’ as the bedside sleeper for our babe in the beginning. The swivel motion allows the bassinet to be right next or on top of our bed and easy to move away from the bed for those bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. If I’m sleeping at all! Haha. Also, since I plan to breastfeed for as long as possible, it makes catering to baby so much easier while allowing my body to recover. Our bed is really high so getting on and off can be a hassle.

Boppy Nursing Pillow ::

I would love to breastfeed for the first year and why I have a feeling the boppy will be my best friend in the beginning while baby and I are getting the hang of it. Also, it’s a good support for baby and mom- as long as baby’s aligned properly on it.

BOB Flex Stroller– not pictured ::

Living in Seattle calls for many outdoor strolls and uphill climbs with baby. That’s why I already know I’m going to love my BOB stroller for every day use. We live near a lot of hills so I’m looking forward to getting back in shape with this jogger type of stroller. The wheels are great for outdoor trails and the shape is so ideal for maneuvering around.

Halo Swaddle Wrap and Sleepsack::

Anything that makes life easier is exactly what I need. These swaddlers are easy to use and are soft and secure for baby. I love the Velcro to keep the swaddle on throughout the night and the material is definitely something I would love to be swaddled in. Also, these go perfect with the Halo Bassinest.

Dr. Browns Natural Flow Glass Bottles ::

I do look forward to pumping and having Chris able to take part in feedings after the first month. There are so many opinions on which brand offers the best bottle but I think baby will decide if he likes one over the other. I am impressed with the reviews, the functionality, the shape, and the style of these Dr. Brown Glass bottles and they seem to feel the best in my hand.

MyBaby Sound Machine ::

Chris and I both have to sleep with a fan for white noise so I’m pretty sure our baby will love the options of sounds from this sound machine. My favorite is the sound of the heartbeat that I know will soothe baby to sleep.

Mini Refrigerator for Nursery ::

Living in a three story townhouse makes taking trips to the kitchen a hassle if one of us is going to be in the nursery (upstairs) feeding at night, so having a mini refrigerator available (in the nursery) will make life easier for us and baby. AND it’s going to come in handy while I’m breastfeeding if I need a snack or drink in between feedings at night. Another friend recommended this option and I’m so glad she did!

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor ::

Cuddle + Kind Stuffed Animals ::

Diaper Pail  ::

No explanation needed. Dirty diapers need a home and in the pail they will go.

Modern Burlap Swaddle ::

A swaddle for the baby, swaddle for clean up, swaddle for nursing and a swaddle for diaper bag. Swaddles will come in handy no matter where I am and so I pretty much stocked up on various kinds to try!

Babyganics Shampoo and Body Wash ::

I’m looking forward to baby’s first bath and again I only want to use safe products. I love all of Babyganics stuff and can’t wait to see if baby loves them too.

Babyganics Baby Wipes ::

Baby’s bum also needs a cleaning after a dirty diaper and I want to make sure I’m using safe and toxic free products which Babyganics is known for.

Oili Studio Crib Bedding ::

Babyganics Ultra Absorbant Diapers ::

I will find out which diapers are best for baby but I’ve heard wonderful things about Babyganics and who doesn’t love adorable prints on their babies bums.

I would love to hear what products worked for you! 🙂 Hit the comments below.

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