A Week In My Life: A Behind the Scenes Look At My Family & Business


Ever wonder what it’s like to walk in my shoes? Now you can! I’m opening up my daily schedule and inviting you in to see my life as a wedding gown designer, mom, wife, and entrepreneur. You’ll see how I manage my many roles (and learn a secret or two…like who the real family chef is!) and hopefully get inspired to take on the different roles in your life.
  • 6 am: Our alarm clock, aka Asher, goes off. Chris and I alternate or decide ahead of time who will get up with Asher while the other one gets ready for the day. During this time, Asher loves to read books, play with balls, or watch ‘Little Einsteins’ or the movie ‘Cars’–he’s obsessed and as a result, both Chris and I know the theme song backwards and forwards to both!
  • Then we switch so the other can get ready for the work day.
  • Is there such a thing as breakfast people? Because we are total breakfast people. Almost everyday we enjoy a hearty breakfast of scrambled or soft boiled eggs, avocado, English muffin/toast and/or Chris’s delicious oatmeal. We don’t mess around!
  • I also enjoy a homemade latte, compliments of my very own barista, also known as my Espressotoria Caprista Espresso machine. It’s basically my cup of “Get Stuff Done.”
  • 8:30am: Asher gets dropped off at ‘school’ for the day while Chris and I embark on living out our dreams–me as a designer and him as a mortgage lender (okay, so maybe that’s not his dream but he sure does love what he does, which makes me happy).
  • 9-4pm: The life of a designer, as embodied in these following things. 
  • Emails
  • Invoices
  • Placing Orders
  • Planning photoshoots
  • Dreaming up sketches for the next collection. – my favorite part!
  • Ordering Postmates for lunch because I’m too busy (er, lazy) to walk a block for lunch and rather have it be delivered. Not something I’m proud of but true right now. I’m a foodie so each day is something new and I enjoy trying out the menus of different local restaurants.
  • My gym is literally across the street so if time allows I’ll try to get a quick sweat session in before heading home.
  • 4:30pm: Home Sweet Home
  • After picking Asher up from school we will play in the backyard (when it’s sunny out) for about an hour before Chris gets home then typically take a family walk before dinner. Since it’s been a bit chilly out, lately we will gather around his table and play cars or trains for hours on end. It’s adorable how intent he is when rolling his cars and trains around. I could seriously watch him forever with how mesmerized he is by the simplest of things. Oh, to be a kid!
  • We make dinner (when I say ‘we’, I actually mean Chris). He’s a great cook and loves to BBQ so what am I supposed to but celebrate his strengths, right? Okay, so I will cook or do the side dishes every other night but Chris’s natural habitat honestly is the kitchen so I let him do his thing. It’s perfect because my style of cooking is to hit the ON button of the crock pot.
  • What’s for dinner you ask? We switch things up between proteins and veggies. Our proteins are steak, chicken, burgers, and fish while the veggies switch between grilled asparagus, sautéed zucchini and mushrooms (my favorite), bok Choy or spinach, or roasted sweet potatoes and beets (also a favorite!). Our dinners are also accompanied by a green salad and either rice, risotto or mashed potatoes. If not one of these combinations then I like to make different crock pot dishes (shredded chicken for tacos is a staple) or pasta dishes.
  • Asher basically eats everything which is a huge help when coming up with his meals and might also explain why he’s 35 lbs at 24 months old.
  • 7:15ish: Asher’s Bathtime
  • He loves the water and giggles the whole time while trying to splash (pour) water on me.
  • Afterward, we will unwind by reading like 50 books together (ok, more like 6) before bedtime because, for some reason, he can’t go to bed without making sure every book in his room has been flipped through. It’s actually really sweet and I love these quiet moments as he sits on my lap, nestles his head into my chest, and helps me flip through his favorite pages. He gives the same sounds and expressions each night as if it’s the first time he’s read them. (Heart melting as I write this).
  • 8pm: Asher is asleep and now it’s mom and dad time.
  • Typically Chris and I will watch a show together or amuse each other with whatever articles, news, gossip we find on social media. We aren’t on our phones often as we are mostly working but we do a pretty decent job of turning our attention away from our phones for that last hour or so before bed. It can be a challenge but so rewarding for a relationship to shut off the screens and be intentional in connecting. Now that we are parents, we really value that time even more.
  • 10pm: Typical lights out. Since being pregnant, it’s more like 9pm the latest! haha
Friday: This day is for Asher and I.
The world is our oyster on Fridays so we will usually have a play date with a friend or just enjoy our time together–which I love soooo much!
Asher loves cars, baseball, basketball, golf (yes, you read that right. Chris bought him a golf club already), rocks, lots of rock digging, drawing, scribble drawing, tackling mama, running and chasing Frankie or teasing him with his snacks, dancing with mama, and again watching Little Einsteins or Cars.
  • It’s the best day ever.
Weekends: Relaxing and recharging.
We have a yummy big breakfast or brunch. Then we explore Seattle, bbq with friends, tackle our house to-dos, parks and playtime, and Church. We have my parents over for dinner and then relax with family time.
So there it is! My little life with my loves. As I’m writing this, I truly feel blessed. Whether I’m spending time in my office or helping Asher dig for rocks or talking with Chris while he makes us dinner, my heart is always full.
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