Turn Images into Keepsakes with Mixbook.com


“Take a photo- it lasts longer.”

At least that is what people say.  While the statement is true, how many of us take a million photos each day (especially as a mom!) on our phones and never end up doing anything with them- let alone look back at them!? I’m definitely guilty of loading up my iphone storage with so many of the same photos of Asher, Frankie and Chris but as days, months and years go by they get lost in the deep sea of random yet adorable moments that fill up my phone.

With the holiday season right around the corner there’s nothing more special and personalized then taking all of those moments and turning them into keepsakes with picture books!

I created a few custom picture books for Desiree Hartsock Bridal for Bridal Market using Mixbook.com and I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful they turned out!! I was thoroughly impressed with the quality, the turn around and the customer service. The imagery was as clear as day, the pages with text were perfect and the best part of all are the modern and stylish pre-designed templates to choose from. The themes and options are endless so whether you’re looking to create a baby book, an anniversary book or just an everyday type book to capture a vacation, event or time these books are for everyone.

I’m spending this season being intentional with family memories to make sure I don’t miss the moments of Asher as a baby, as a toddler or the first moments of this new baby coming in January. I still need to make Asher’s baby books (yes, he’s two years old already- I know) but time slips away so quickly! Insert crying emoji face. I’m just so thankful I found Mixbook.com to now help me create the custom photo books I need for family keepsakes!

If you’re looking for a resource to get stylish and modern photo books for yourself or family then I would definitely check out mixbook.com. They even have holiday cards and decor- just in time for Christmas!


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