5 Children’s Books I’m Loving Right Now


One of my favorite things to do with Asher before bedtime is to read like 50 books together (ok, more like 5) because, for some reason, he can’t go to bed without making sure every book in his room has been flipped through. It’s actually really sweet and I love these quiet moments as he sits on my lap, nestles his head into my chest, and helps me flip through his favorite pages. He gives the same sounds and expressions each night as if it’s the first time he’s read them. (Heart melting as I write this).

Taking time to read to him every single night has become one of our favorite family routines. So today I’m sharing a few children’s books we’ve been loving lately! We have a handful of gems on our shelves, but these are the five we reach for the most…


All the Wonderful Things You Could Be
by Emily Winfield Martin

Asher smiles the whole way through this book! Not only are the illustrations absolutely gorgeous, but the message throughout is pure gold. The book is from the point of view of a parent who is excited to see what you will become, and will accept and love you no matter what path you choose. In the end, there are endless possibilities that the future has to offer, like an empty canvas waiting to be painted!


Builder Brothers: Big Plans
by Jonathan and Drew Scott

This book is actually new to our household, but has become an instant fav! What I love most is how it let’s kids know that you can do anything you set your mind to, and that failure is a part of success. An added bonus, the book comes complete with an original do-it-yourself building project that parents and kids can tackle together at home. How fun is that?!


Made For Me
by Zack Bush

Full disclosure: As I’m reading, this book gives me a huge lump in my throat…every time. It’s not sad – just so incredibly sweet. This book celebrates all Dads and their special relationship with their child. Written from a father’s perspective, it will make you smile, warm your heart, and remind you that the love you share with your child is your greatest blessing. I love that Chris and Asher have a book to bond over!


When Jacob Grows Up
by Hooray Heroes

I cannot praise this book enough! If you want something personalized and special for your kids, this is that way to go! Not only can you customize it to look like your little one, but you can customize the mommy to look like you too! You’re also able to choose up to 15 different stories about what they’ll be when they grow up. It truly is such a fun and cherished book to have for years to come.


Little Blue Truck
by Alice Schertle

We are such fans of this book, and I have to say, the illustrations are ah-mazing. Like, so so beautiful. I love the blend of farm animals, vehicles, and rhymes – all popular with little ones! This makes one great story about friendship, compassion, humility and staying true to yourself. Plus, Asher loves all the lift-flap options on each page. I mean, what 2-year-old wouldn’t?


Love the Little Blue Truck as much as we do?! Shop more books from the series below…



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