When Should I Order My Wedding Dress? #AskDes


It’s Wednesday so it’s time for me to answer the wedding planning questions that you asked on social media! I enjoy going through the questions because its a window into your world–I get to see what’s on your mind as you plan your wedding!

This week, quite a few of you mentioned wedding gown shopping. I was excited because I get to use my background as a bridal stylist and wedding gown designer to help you ladies out. It also reminds me of my own wedding dress experience. I always knew I would design my own dress. Putting my pen to paper and drawing out my gown was such a happy experience because, while the sketch was just the beginning, I knew that once the dress was made and I was in it, I would be walking down the aisle to Chris. My wedding gown was a romantic one-shoulder blush dress with ivory lace and my reception dress was a glam sheath glistening with beading at the waist and neckline. I poured my soul into these designs and, as I wore them on my wedding day surrounded by those I loved, it was everything I imagined and could ever want.

Now onto your questions!

@leiraewrites asks: When should I order my wedding dress? 

The last thing you want is to worry about your wedding gown arriving! Wedding dresses are unlike any other garment–most of them are made-to-order, which means they take quite a bit of time to be constructed (and, given how intricate they are, it makes sense! Oftentimes, beading and appliques are applied by hand and fabrics are sourced from all over the world. Composing these different pieces into your beautiful wedding gown takes time). Avoid stress by ordering your wedding gown seven to eight months prior to your wedding date. This will give six months for your dress to arrive and about two months for alterations. Start your shopping far enough in advance so you can go to a couple of salons, think about it, and purchase your gown without feeling pressure.

@monikawedsjohn414 asks: How many wedding gown salons should I visit?

This is a really great question! I would suggest visiting around three well-reviewed salons that carry a range of wedding gown designers and trying on about eight to ten dresses at each place. This way, you can get a good sense for the styles available and also preview different collections, as each designer has their own specific looks and fits. However, you also won’t get overwhelmed or over-shopped (there is a term in the bridal industry called “Snow Blindness” which means you’ve tried on so many wedding gowns that they look the same and that isn’t fun for anyone). You want to be energized by wedding dress shopping, not drained, so visit one salon a day and then make your decision. Of course, you might put on a dress and simply fall in love and say “Yes” on the spot. That’s an amazing experience so don’t force yourself to keep shopping. I’ve also seen the opposite problem, where you can’t find anything you love. If that’s the case, take a little break, do some online browsing, and request an experienced stylist at your next appointment. Like relationships, everyone has a different journey to finding “the one”– just know that you will!

@chocolatandwinedaze asks: What do I do if I don’t have time to order a wedding gown?

If you’re in a time crunch, don’t panic! Talk to your local bridal salon about your options. They can call their designers to see if there are any gowns in stock or if there are any dresses available with a rush (this costs extra but will let you get your wedding dress on time). You can also inquire about purchasing a dress out of the salon’s existing inventory and having it altered to fit you. Whatever the case, don’t worry! It happens more often then you might think and your salon will have the best solutions for you.

Thank you for your questions! I’ll see you back here next Wednesday!




Photography by: Kattie Parra
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