Year-Round Outdoor Entertaining Tips


Ok, so by now Summer is fading into the wonders of Fall leaving us a bit perplexed yet excited for a change of season. The bikinis will soon be put away while the sweaters come out to play and while the season of BBQ’s seems to be coming to end- the entertaining and backyard gatherings don’t have to.  Why stop enjoying the relaxation of the great outdoors or the fresh air between sips of drinks with friends? Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that your outdoor furniture needs to feel the cold too.

Chris and I LOVE to entertain and have friends over- no matter the time of year- so when deciding on a conversational piece for our deck furniture that would be comfortable for everyone (especially tall guys) we knew we had to find it at Article. A few years ago, we got Article’s Worthington brown leather chairs for our living room and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Not only have they been the most comfortable, oversized chairs we’ve ever sat in, the quality of material and structure is impeccable. To emulate the same feeling as those chairs for ourselves and our guests in our outdoor furniture we went with the Calo Salt Gray Sofa and the Medan White Lounge chairs and have to say the quality and comfort is just the same. Incredible!

We instantly fell in love with our outdoor space and since most of our home stays within a neutral color scheme, the sofa and chairs were the perfect addition to keep it all cohesive. The sofa color is the most versatile shade of gray and the cushions pass Chris’s ‘tall-guy test’, especially since he can even lie down on it! Needless to say, we will be spending many weekends and evenings getting cozy on our new sofa.

Living in the Pacific Northwest can make it difficult to plan gatherings outdoors or to even get outside but since we love to be in the fresh air whenever possible- and will do so no matter the cost- I’ve listed our top outdoor entertaining tips below to make sure you’re enjoying yourself and your outdoor space all year-round!

Outdoor Entertaining Tips:

Don’t let the weather dictate your fun! If you’re in a rainy or colder area, like us, place an umbrella or protective covering over your outdoor space so that the rain, snow or chill won’t effect the cushions or memories to be made.

Invest in heat warmers! (or many blankets) If there’s anything we’ve learned since owning our home- it’s to enjoy our space we need to make sure everyone is comfortable – even outside. We have a heat warmer on our deck to ensure the ladies can still get out there and not freeze.

Weather resistant furniture: Make sure the furniture you choose is weather resistant to your climate. If that’s excess heat then darker colors may fade quicker if under the sun and if snow or rain then make sure it’s all water resistant.

Coverings: Since we enjoy our space we make sure to take care of it by covering the sofa and pillows when not in use or we bring the cushions inside when we know the weather is going to take a turn.

Versatility: I’m all about versatility in everything I purchase but with larger items such as furniture it’s even more important. You want furniture that allows for change or movement, if need be. The gray ottomans we have are great for this reason- they can be used as foot rests, seats or as drink holders. This allows them to be used for different purposes depending on the gathering or amount of people we have over.

Location! Where are you going to place your outdoor entertaining space? If you plan to use it year-round then make sure it’s in an accessible location that won’t be too hard to get to when it snows or rains.

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