What Is the First To-Do After Getting Engaged? #AskDes


Happy Wedding Planning Wednesday to you! It’s that time where I tackle your wedding planning questions, big and small.

For the past few months, my mind has been filled with thoughts of metallic lace, airy chiffon, and satin-covered buttons. I’ve carried these images around with me and have been slowly turning them into my new wedding gown collection. This collection is called Heirloom and it’s inspired by the emotional beauty of a family heirloom that connects you to the past in a tactile way, that’s full of stories and love. Lately, I’ve really come to value things that can be held, treasured, and handed down – like wearing an old necklace of your grandmother’s or reading a letter your mom wrote in high school. In my new collection, you’ll find vintage details reinvented for the modern bride. And, for the first time ever, there will be select dresses designed specifically for the plus-size bride!

With every sketch and stitch, I hope that whoever wears my gowns will feel the nostalgic echoes of the past and the powerful promise of the future on their wedding day and for every day after. Check out all the new girls in this collection here!

Now, onto your questions!

@storybookloverrr asks: I just got engaged! What is my very first to-do?

First of all, congratulations! You are about to embark on a beautiful journey towards marriage. It’s such an exciting time (I remember my year of engagement so fondly). Of course, you are probably feeling the urge to create allllllll the Pinterest wedding boards. And that’s great! Let the excitement drive you but don’t feel pressured to make any hasty decisions–this time goes by quickly so try to savor every moment. However, here are the top three things on your wedding to-do list: 1. Notify friends and family 2. Set a wedding date and budget 3. Start researching and reaching out to wedding planners (alternatively, if you aren’t hiring a planner or will only use one for the day-of, start looking into wedding venues).

@teaandchocolateandroses31 asks: Should I post the news of our engagement on social media? And, if so, when should we post? 

This is a personal decision. Some brides want to use only word of mouth to spread the word while others are thrilled that they can finally use those bride and ring emojis! If you do decide to post on social media, just be sure that you personally inform close family and friends first. You don’t want to offend anyone and they deserve to hear the happy news before world wide web does. As far as what you post, that’s completely up to you. Most people will want to hear how the engagement happened and see that new sparkle on your finger so you might want to upload a “How He Asked” post complete with a photo of the two of you and your engagement ring.

@amandaleighroth2016 asks: We want to celebrate! When do we schedule our engagement party? 

Engagement parties are so fun and a great way to commemorate this special time. You should schedule the date for about two or three months after the engagement–with invites going out a month ahead of time so people can reserve the date. As far as the party itself goes, it can be as informal as a backyard barbecue or as formal as a full out cocktail party.

Thanks for following and asking your questions. Don’t forget to come back each Wednesday for more wedding planning and styling questions answered.


Photography by: Katie Pritchard
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