How Should I Approach Wedding Gift Registering? #AskDes


Welcome! Lovely to see you here. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Whether you spent the long weekend poolside, BBQ’ing, or just relaxing I hope you enjoyed your time off! I’m looking forward to diving in and answering the wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted this past week using hashtag #AskDes.

Now I’m not here to dampen your day, but I have some bad news: summer is almost over. I know, I know! It’s hard for me to grasp that concept, too. Someone turn back the clock! For us Seattleites, fall is a short season of beautiful and vibrant foliage, orange sunsets, pumpkin spice lattes, and then BAM! Winter comes like a ton of grey, damp bricks. So please, summer, don’t go! We aren’t ready yet!

Now, onto the questions:

@demiglasses asks: When do I register for our wedding gifts?

Got a ring on your finger? Then you can feel free to register for your wedding gifts! Once you’ve said “yes”, people will want to know what to get you for any engagement parties, brunches, showers, or even as a simple token of celebration. Plus, it’s a good thing to get registering taken care of as your wedding planning will only get busier the closer you get to the wedding date. After you’ve registered, let your relatives know that they can spread the information via word-of-mouth and, once you have one, put the details on your wedding website.

@stelledotte asks: How do I decide on where to register?

First of all, make sure it’s a place that suits your needs and styles. A big department store should have a variety of options while more specialized boutiques may be more limiting (but may fit your aesthetic better). But keep in mind–you can register at more than one place and I actually suggest doing that to give your guests options! However, no matter where you register at, it’s a good idea to ask these questions before committing:

What is your returns policy?

How many locations do you have?

Can guests order online or by phone?

Do you have a completion program for items that I may not receive? (A completion program is a discount on any unfulfilled gifts).

Are there any other perks for registering at your store, such as associated credit cards or rewards points?

Do you have a registry specialist who can advise us on our selections?

What is the process for registering at your store?

@moyherpartyof2 asks: What if we already have most of our household items?

Sometimes, you already have everything you need for a life together. If this is the case, you might want to focus on things that make sense for the two of you. For example, if you love to go on trips as a couple, you can register for new luggage. Alternatively, you can set up a registry for honeymoon funds–some honeymoon registries go towards paying for the whole trip while others let you select experiences, like zip lining or snorkeling. If you really do feel like you have everything you need, you can request that guests make donations to a charity that is close to you and your partner’s hearts.

Photography by: Anthropolgie
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