5 Things to Bring to Your Wedding Hair Trial


Bridal hair trials are fun! You get to try updos, half-up, and down hairstyles–while relaxing in a comfy chair–to find the one that will complete your wedding look. Make sure you get the most out of your session by bringing these five things to your appointment. With these, you’ll be able to relax, sit back, and enjoy channeling your inner Rapunzel!

Your veil

It’s important to bring your veil to your appointment so your hairstylist can work it into your style. Ask her to show you a couple different placements. You may like it higher up on the crown of your head or lower down at the nape of your neck. Also, if you are planning on removing it at the reception, be sure to get her instructions on how to take it out without messing up your hair. To transport it to your hair salon, you can fold it over a hanger and cover it with a garment bag. Make sure you handle it carefully at the salon and, if it’s cathedral length, be wary of people stepping on it! The last thing you need is a rip in your veil.

Inspirational images

 Your hairstylist will need to see your vision so come prepared to show her a Pinterest board on your phone or tear-outs from bridal magazines of inspirational images. When you are reviewing them with her, point out specifically what you like and don’t like about each one so she gets an accurate understanding of your taste. As you do, however, be sure to have an open mind! Your hair may not work best with certain styles and a different look may be more flattering for your face shape. Trust your hairstylist and stay open to her suggestions. She may even have ideas that you haven’t considered before.

Your phone (for on-the-spot pics)

Be sure to remember to take photos! It’s a great way to see the back and sides of your hair once your hairstylist completes her work. Ask her to take a variety of shots from different angles and look them over while you’re in the salon–this way you can address anything that needs tweaking and you won’t have to worry about coming back later. Also, it’s smart to have them as a reference for the actual wedding day. And, before then, when you’re back home, it’s always good to have the images so you can look back on them and get excited about wearing the hairstyle again on your wedding day!

Your hairpiece

Whether you are wearing a halo, some sparkly pins, or hair comb, be sure to bring your hairpiece! Your hairstylist will need to have it so she can work it into the style in a way that fits the overall look. Ask her for her suggestions as to where it should go–she’ll know how to make it flow with your locks. It’s best not to have any surprises so if you’re wearing a perishable headpiece, like a fresh flower or a flower crown, ask your florist about getting a mock one made. This way, you can make sure you love the way it goes with your hair and that everything is balanced and pretty!

Your other accessories

Aside from your veil and headpiece, take your wedding day earrings and necklace so you can try them on once your hair is finished. Both contribute to the overall look and you’ll want to make sure they are the right length and size given the volume of your hair. It’s also a good idea to wear a simple white tank top or even a strapless white top–it can be distracting to see your hairstyle if you have a graphic t shirt on.

With these items, you’ll have everything you need for a fun, successful hair trial! 


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