Turn Your Bridal Dress Into A Cherished Heirloom After the Wedding!


You spend so much time searching for just the right wedding gown and wear it for eight (give or take!) magical hours on your special day. So what do you do with it after? We were wondering the same thing ourselves. Then we discovered Wedding Gown Preservation Kit. This company preserves and packages wedding gowns in windowed chests. We were so excited to partner with them and sent one of our own wedding gowns to be preserved.

The results? A wonderful experience and, most importantly, a beautifully preserved and displayed wedding gown. The kit arrived quickly with its detailed (but SO easy) instructions on how to pack and send your gown back to them. They also do a great job on keeping you updated on the status of your dress and where it’s at in the process.

We appreciate that the gown was so obviously treated with the same care and love as the bride who picked it out. And, in many ways, we love how it shows that wedding gowns aren’t just part of your life on your wedding day. They are full of memories and stories that will live on as they are passed on through the generations.

You, like us, probably have lots of questions about wedding gown preservation so consider this your 411 on the process and get all your q’s answered with our interview with Leah Mccoy, the president of the company! You can learn even more by also watching the video at the end of the post!

What is gown preservation and why is it important?

Wedding gown preservation is the process of cleaning and preserving your wedding gown, creating a treasured heirloom for the next generation that can one day be worn again.  Having your wedding gown cleaned and preserved is important as wedding gowns are created from extremely delicate fabrics that are sensitive to staining and yellowing if left untreated.  Sweat, food stains, dirt from the dance floor or grass stains from an outdoor wedding all contribute to future staining and yellowing. Beyond just simply removing these stains, our SYSTEMK4 technology also protects your dress against future staining.

Is cleaning included or do you have to get it dry-cleaned yourself?

Cleaning is included and is an important part of the preservation process.  In fact, we ask that you do not clean the gown before sending it in.

If you do offer cleaning, what if the dress has several areas that are stained. Is there an extra fee for that?

There are no additional fees for the majority of gowns that are cleaned and preserved.  However, upon arrival, your gown goes through an in-depth assessment process by a team of fabric experts.  If during the assessment, they decide the gown needs a full restoration, you will be contacted to discuss your options and may be charged an additional fee for a Restoration Kit upgrade.

Does it matter if a bride waits 6 weeks, 3 years, or 20 years to preserve?

The sooner you send your wedding gown in for cleaning, the better the chances are of removing difficult stains. However, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has restored gowns that were over 150 years old, bringing them back to museum quality condition. The SYSTEMK4 cleaning and preserving technology is extremely gentle on delicate fabrics while being extremely effective against difficult stains.

What is the price to preserve a gown? Are their different packages or different price per gown type?

We offer multiple kits depending on the type of gown to be preserved.

Traditional Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Cleaning and Preservation Utilizing Exclusive SYSTEMK4 Technology

FREE Preservation of Up to 5 Additional Accessories (Veil, Gloves, Purse, etc.)

100 Year Guarantee Against Future Yellowing

Free 2-way Insured Shipping of Your Gown

Beautiful White Embossed Preservation Chest with Viewing Window

$500 Shipping Insurance

Acid Free Tissue Paper & Preservation Bust to Maintain Form

Acid Free Gloves to Inspect Your Museum Grade Preservation

Access to GownTracker™ to Track the Process of Your Preservation 24/7

Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Includes all features of the Traditional Kit with the following upgrades:

Upgraded to $2,000 Shipping Insurance for Designer Gowns

Silver Embossed Preservation Chest

Hand Pressing of Your Gown

We also now offer a Wedding Gown Restoration Kit for gowns that were purchased over 20 years from the date the kit was purchased.  Our Restoration Kit includes all features of our Traditional Kit along with additional hand processing to restore vintage gowns back to their original beauty.

Would I have to pay for shipping or is it included in the cost?

2-way shipping from your home to the preservation facility and back to your home is included in the price.  The return trip requires a signature from the purchaser to insure the safety of your gown.

Can you preserve other wedding items or accessories?

Yes, 5 complimentary items can be included to be preserved with your wedding dress.  These can include gloves, veil, train, hat, jacket, shawl, handkerchief, cape, duster, garter, ring pillow, money bag, purse, and garter.  In the event you have more than 5 items that you’d like preserved, you’ll be charged $10 for each additional item which you can include by check in your kit when you ship your gown to us.  We also offer preservation for larger items such as shoes, slip, and silk bouquet for an additional $25 each.

How long does it take to preserve a gown?

Once your gown has begun the cleaning and preservation treatment, the process takes 6-8 weeks, however, we offer a rush order on our website which will speed up the process to 2 weeks.

What guarantees do you offer in terms of any damages that can be done to the dress in the cleaning process?

Damage is extremely rare.  Upon arrival, your gown goes through an in-depth assessment process by a team of fabric experts.  The team examines the quality of the fabric, the state of any embellishments, and any existing staining or yellowing.  Every gown is unique and that is how the team approaches each cleaning and preservation.  If there are any concerns regarding the state the dress arrives in, a representative will call you before proceeding.

Do you seal the gown in the preservation box?

No, the Preservation Chest is not sealed.  Fabric studies have found that sealing a wedding gown in an air tight container causes permanent wrinkles in the fabric and can encourage mold growth, therefore, the Preservation Chest has been designed to be completely breathable.  Gloves and sealing squares are included with your final preservation for you to open the Preservation Chest.  You may lift the preformed bust and lightly examine the hem and any other additional items that you chose to have preserved.  We do ask that you do not take the gown completely out of the Preservation Chest, otherwise your 100-year guarantee will become void.  The reasoning behind this is that any oils from your skin or slightest amount of dirt your wedding gown may brush up against will results in unsightly stains and yellowing years down the road.

How or where to store the preservation box once you receive it? Can it be kept it in the attic or garage or does it need to be in the house?

It is suggested to keep your preserved gown in a cool, dry place, avoiding extreme temperatures that can happen in an attic, basement or garage.  Under your bed or in a first-floor closet is a perfect place to store your preserved gown.

Do you offer a warranty? If the gown is found to be yellowed after a certain number over years?

Yes, your preservation goes beyond a lifetime guarantee to include a 100-year anti-staining, anti-yellowing guarantee from the time it is preserved.  If you find that your gown has yellowed, your gown will be re-preserve for free.  The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has been in business for over 100 years, allowing them to stand by this guarantee.

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