What Undergarments Are Best For My Wedding Dress? #AskDes


Hello, lovely bride! How are things? I’m glad to see you here! It’s that time of the week where I answer your wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted on social media using the hashtag #AskDes.

Last week, I shared a secret on my social media.

I’m an introvert.

Yes, me. The girl who not only went on the Bachelor but also starred in the Bachelorette and then became a wedding gown designer whose life includes lots of television events and meets and greets.

That all goes to show that you can choose who you are, even if you might be shy or insecure or just need lots of down time to decompress (same goes if you’re the life of the party!). Personally, being an introvert has given me moments of reflection and shown me what’s really in my heart. And that’s to create an intentional community of women who support and build each other up.

So whatever your personality is…look at it as your greatest strength and as a powerful way to add beauty to the world.

Now, for the question of the week!

Athena asks: What undergarments are best for my wedding dress?

As a designer, I cannot communicate enough about how important the proper undergarments are for your wedding dress. They are the foundation that creates a perfect fit! Overall, you’ll want to keep the lacy and pretty lingerie for the wedding night and, for the wedding day, think as seamless and unobtrusive as possible for your undergarments. Here are the three silhouettes that I get asked about the most.

For a sheath gown: You know those long, lean lines of your wedding gown? The last thing you want is for any undergarments to show through so go for seamless, high-waisted spanx in your skin tone. These will help hold you in while also streamlining your silhouette. Pair them with a seamless corset bra for lift and support.

For a crop top: You want to show your midriff–NOT your undergarments! Sewn in bra cups are way to go. Ask if your bridal alterations specialist has some on hand or bring in a couple options (they come in push-up, padded, and un-padded). Best thing about them? They will stay in place the entire night while you party away!

For a backless wedding gown: Baby got back! Showcase that back plunge with a stick-on bra or backless bra (you can also check out the sew-in bra cups I curated for wedding crop tops right above).

That’s it for today! Meet me back here next week for more questions and don’t forget to submit your biggest wedding q’s to me on my Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #AskDes.



Photography by: Paris Prada Pearls PerfumePhotography by: Rachel Solomon
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