Everything You Need to Know Before Eloping


Elopement. It’s romantic, often spontaneous, and a great way to save money. But you can’t just pick up a grocery store bridal magazine or a traditional wedding planning book for tips and info. That’s where we come in. Here’s everything you need to know before eloping.

Think about giving your family and closest friends a heads up. Be prepared. Your mom might be disappointed that you won’t have that big white wedding and your BFF may be bummed that she won’t be your MOH. Telling your nearest and dearest ahead of time is the best way to minimize hurt feelings. You can also hold a post marriage reception. If anyone has particularly supported you and your fiance as a couple, write them a handwritten note to thank them prior to the elopement.

Legal details. Make sure its official! In the U.S., you will need an officiant and a witness to legally tie the knot, in addition to the standard marriage certificate. If you are eloping in a different country, be sure to check the guidelines and requirements for wedding abroad.

Your budget will be a little different. As opposed to a traditional wedding budget, the elopement budget has much more leeway and you can focus it where you want. If you adore fashion, you might want to get a short little dress and then some killer designer high heels. If you and your fiance are foodies, you can splurge on a high-end dinner following your nuptials. Since its just the two of you, your budget will go far. You can also turn an already planned vacay into your honeymoon by tying the knot on the first day of your trip!

In need of an elopement dress? I made the DHB FlutterEyelet Dress, and Dahlia dresses with you in mind! They are easy to pack, light to wear, and still have that bridal feel. And in case you want a pretty top to pair with a midi skirt, check out my Hope and Eyelet separates.

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Photography by: The Great Romance
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