Boozy Bites: Alcohol Soaked Fruit for Your Summertime Wedding or Party


These alcohol infused fruits are the adult way to keep cool at a summertime wedding or party! No experience as a mixologist needed–we’ve already found the best fruit and booze combinations for you. Forget sipping and go for an edible cocktail hour with these delicious, spiked bites.

Coconut soaked pineapple: Cut pineapple into bite-sized chunks (or buy a pre-chopped can of pineapple and drain!) and place into a mixing bowl. Pour 1 cup coconut rum over the pineapple and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Tequila soaked watermelon wedges: Place watermelon wedges in a baking dish. Bring 3/4 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup tequila and 3/4 cup triple sec to a boil in a saucepan. Pour over the watermelon and refrigerate for 45 minutes.

Vodka lemon sorbet: Combine 1 1/2 cup sugar and 3 cup water over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Add grated lemon zest. Strain, removing zest. Add 3 1/2 tbsp lemon juice and 1/2 cup premium vodka. Stir until thoroughly blended. Transfer to ice cream maker or freeze and then blend until smooth and refreeze.

Champagne jello shots with fruit pieces: Combine jello mix and 3 pouches of plain gelatin. Add 1 cup boiling water and stir until gelatin dissolves. Slowly pour in three cups of chilled champagne and stir gently, allowing bubbles to pop. Pour into jello shot glasses and add in fruit chunks (like strawberry pieces, canned pears, or raspberries). Refrigerate until solid.

Orange liqueur fruit salad: Combine grapes, apple slices, pieces of kiwi and strawberries in a bowl. Whisk together 1/2 cup orange liqueur, 1/2 cup orange juice, and 2 tbsp sugar in a saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Gently stir into fruit until pieces are evenly covered. Refrigerate and serve chilled with a dollop of whipped cream.

Serve your boozy bites in whiskey glasses, mason jars, wine glasses (you can even use them to garnish blended cocktails or ice cream) or on colorful skewers!

Photography by: Brit + Co
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