Self Care Tips for the Stressed Out Bride


We totally understand. You are planning your wedding and find yourself behaving a bit borderline bridezilla. It only makes sense–most of you are balancing work or school (or both!) while trying to plan the wedding of your dreams. We see you, working hard, juggling so many things, and we want you to take a moment and practice a little self-care.

Here are some easy ways to mentally and physically reset so you can be your best self and turn that feeling of “I can’t even” into “I will slay the day!”

Find your ‘ahhhh’ with the spa: It’s amazing how refreshing some TLC can be. Book a massage or facial at a spa and feel your stress melt away. Don’t have wiggle room in the budget for a Shiatsu? DIY a spa night at home! Get a drugstore facial mask and soak your feet in the tub (add a soak and sprinkle in rose petals!).

Love yourself from the inside out: We all know that we’re supposed to eat well and exercise but it can be so easy to let those things slip. Start simple and add some fruits or vegetables to your lunch and try to drink a little more water. Go for a walk in the evening or do an exercise video in your living room. These are simple ways to get healthier and you’ll be surprised at what a difference they make.

Little extras: Be extra kind to yourself–spritz your pillow with lavender essential oils at night, try to get to bed on time, and give your body a little love by doing some daily stretches or yoga moves (hey, anyone can be an expert at Child’s Pose!).

Engagement is such a special time but it can also be overwhelming. Give yourself grace. No matter how difficult things seem, they work themselves out and before you know it, you’ll be heading off on your honeymoon and thinking, “I wish I could do it all over again!”

Photography by: F L A T L A Y S
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