Which Wedding Vendors Do I Tip and How Much? #AskDes


Why hello, lovely bride-to-be! It’s Wednesday which means its time for me to answer your wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted on social media using the hashtag #AskDes.

I’m sure you can guess what I was doing on Monday! I was watching Becca embark on her Bachelorette journey–I was Team Becca from the beginning so I’m rooting for her and am so excited for her to find love on her own terms, especially after last season. She navigated the unexpected breakup with such grace and I was truly impressed by her. Her experience underscores the fact that love and relationships–as wonderful as they are–always come with their ups and downs, even on a reality television show that’s full of glittery dresses, helicopter rides, and fireworks shows. The important thing is to pursue love, even when it is difficult. And I think that’s why we’ve all fallen for Becca. She went into the Bachelor with an open heart and, even though things didn’t work out the first time, she’s ready to do it all over again.

Now, onto today’s topic!

Leah asks: Which wedding vendors do I tip and how much do I tip them?

We’re used to adding that 18-25% onto our food bill…but tipping wedding vendors is a lot more confusing! Here’s an easy guide for industry standards:

Catering: 15-20% of the total bill. Alternatively, you can arrange for $100 per chef and $20-$50 per waiter.

Wedding Coordinator: You aren’t expected to tip your wedding coordinator but if they gave you a significant discount or really went above and beyond for you, a 10-20% tip is a lovely gesture.

Photographer/Videographer: If they own the business, no tip is necessary (if you desire, you can tip $100 or more). For assistants and second shooters, $50-$100 is the norm.

Staff: You are not required to tip ceremony and reception staff. However, if you are inclined, you can give them $20-$50 each.

Officiant: Some officiants won’t accept tips so it’s a heartfelt gesture to donate $100 to their church. If they aren’t affiliated with a church, a $100 tip is appropriate.

Hair and Makeup Artist: A tip isn’t expected but it’s nice to give 15-20%, just like you would at a salon.

Band or DJ: Giving 10-20% is a nice gesture but not required and $20-$50 per band member or musician is appreciated.

Florist: Florists do not expect tips. If they did an excellent job and you’d really like to thank them, 10-15% of your floral budget total is appropriate.

As you can see, tipping isn’t required in most areas but is appreciate. If your wedding budget is tight, a sincere thank you note goes a long way. Of course, one way that you can really thank a valued vendor is by leaving them a Yelp review or offering to be a reference.

That’s it for today! Meet me here again next week for more questions and answers!



Photography by: Brit + CoPhotography by: Rachel Solomon
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