Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions Before Your Wedding Day


#mermaidwaves, #rapunzelhair, #hairenvy….it’s safe to say that we all have a fixation with beautiful locks–especially for special events and weddings. But forget stressing about your hair growing out for your bridal day. You can get long, luscious hair the week of your nuptials! How? Hair extensions! I recently got extensions at Chromatique Salon and found out everything you need to know about them. Consider this the HQ for your #weddinghairgoals! Samantha Lawrence, the owner of the salon, and Elle Levine, my hairstylist and extension expert, gave me all the insider info and I’m sharing it with you!

The options

There are three options for hair extensions: tape-ins (which have more hair in each piece, “also called “smart tabs”), individual strands (individual pieces that are shrink-wrapped to your hair, also called “tubes”), and clip-ins (which you apply yourself). You can use clip-ins if you want longer hair just for the wedding but I love the idea of tape-ins or individual strands because then you can have beautiful hair for several months after the wedding!

The tape-ins typically come in three different lengths and the individual strands come in five different lengths. However, your stylist will cut and blend them into your hair so, in reality, they can be tailored to your needs.

The process

It takes 3-4 hours for the individual strands and 2 hours for tape-ins. You can also do a combination of both, which is what I did! The tubes take longer because there is more hair on each piece.


Once you have your new waves, give them a little TLC to keep them in tip-top shape. When using styling and shampooing/conditioning products, stay away from anything with sulfates and preservatives. Taking a dip in a pool or the ocean on your honeymoon? Simply put your hair up to avoid damage from chlorine or saltwater (and if you are headed abroad, check with your hair stylist as old pipes and different water conditions might be hard on your extensions and you may want to take them out prior). Oribe is a great brand to use on extensions! If you wish to curl or straighten your hair with heating tools, it’s smart to use a heat protectant.

And, when sleeping, its best to gather your extensions into a low ponytail and sleep on a silk pillowcase since it will minimize friction between your hair and the pillow.

I’ve been enjoying my extensions…bad hair days? I don’t have to worry about them anymore! 

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