The Perfect Boho Chic Hairstyle for Coachella


Coachella? That’s always a yes from us–and is it any surprise? It’s all things boho all the time here at DHB. So the fact that there is a festival where the dress code is basically bare feet, loose dresses, and flowing hair makes us every kind of happy! So, if you’re planning on going, we have just the hairstyle for you. It has that perfect combination of messy meets chic and you can up the Coachella vibes by slipping on a flower crown or braided headband!¬†¬†Here’s how:

Begin by curling your hair away from your face and then switching directions for a breezy look

Part your hair and section off large sections from the sides while loosely twisting hair away from your face

Gently tie the two sections together behind your head and then repeat one more time to form a knot

Use bobby pins to secure the knot to the back of your head

Gently loosen the knot and pull out wisps to create fullness

Done and done!

Photography by: HesbyPhotography by: Alexa Gaboury
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