Tuxedo Or Suit? What Should My Groom Wear? #AskDes


Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s that time when I answer your wedding planning and styling questions that you submitted online using the hashtag #AskDes.

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Now, onto the questions!

Jenn asks: Should my groom wear a suit or a tuxedo?

You know what you are wearing (that gorgeous dress of yours, of course!)–now it’s time to figure out your groom’s attire! If your wedding is during the daytime, outdoors or more casual (re: garden, beach, or chapel venue), a light-colored seersucker or khaki suit is the way to go. If your wedding is scheduled for night and more formal (re: ballroom, cathedral, or country club setting), then put your guy in a dark, tailored suit or tux. For the ultimate in formality (White Tie), a dark tux with tails and a white shirt and bow-tie gives that luxe look.

Mandie asks: How can my groom personalize his outfit?

You love your groom’s personality so let it shine through with his wedding day ensemble. It might not seem like it, but there are lots of ways to customize your groom’s outfit. I’ve seen one groom wear a boutonniere featuring a LEGO character and another sport Dodgers cufflinks. He can also express himself in stylish way–floral skinny ties, patterned bow-ties, and colored socks are all elegant yet distinctive.

Taylor asks: How do I make sure my groom’s suit is well-tailored?

There is nothing finer than a guy in a fitted suit! Make sure your guy gets his suit sized and tailored by a professional. Here are the guiding principles for making sure your groom’s outfit is tailored correctly:

His jacket sleeve hem should hit his wristbone and approximately one-fourth to one-half inch of his shirt cuff should extend past it

The collar should lay flat all around his neck without any gaps 

His pant’s hem should cover the top one-third of his shoes

The jacket’s vent shouldn’t pull open 

When your groom’s arms are by his sides, his knuckles should be even with the bottom of the jacket

That’s all for today! Check back next week for more questions and answers!



Photography by: Courtney Stockton PhotographyPhotography by: Rachel Solomon
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