This 10 Minute Updo Will Revamp Your Hair Life


10 minutes? For an updo? We were doubters too! After all, we’re used to seeing intricate bridal buns that take a cosmetology degree and an arsenal of hair products. Somehow, though, the ladies at Paper & Stitch hacked their way to #updogoals and they’ve shared the secret behind this gorgeous, 10 minute updo.

Here’s how:

Curl your hair with an iron. Already have curly hair? Lucky duck, you can go right on to step two.

Section hair into three parts and secure with elastics.

Braid the three sections of hair. Gently pull apart the braids so they have that relaxed look.

Wrap each braid up and over the initial elastics you used in step two. Pin braids with bobby pins to hold them in place to the back of your head.

Gently pull strands loose where you need more volume. Secure with bobby pins.

Voila! Your 10 minute updo is done!

Photography by: Bloom & Lo
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