Bellevue Date Night ‘Staycation’ Done Right


Last Wednesday was one of the most anticipated or hated days of the year. It was Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship then it’s one that you look forward to celebrating with your significant other. If you’re single then it is one that reminds you of being single.

This glorious or dreaded holiday should be just one day of the year where you go above and beyond to show your partner you love them. It shouldn’t be the only day you show up with love and affection and why Chris and I like to do trips or something that will create a lasting memory over buying each other gifts. Don’t get me wrong- the right gift will definitely create a memory but actions and time spent together fuel the bond we already have and is essential to keeping the spark alive in marriage.

Also, when you’re a parent- date nights are few and far between if you don’t pencil them in with a sitter, so thank goodness for my parents who only lives a few minutes away to save the day and watch Asher so we could enjoy a weekend away and get back to coupling.

I’m not sure when the term was coined but staycations are one of our favorite ways to enjoy our own city while also enjoying a night out together. The last one we did was while I was pregnant so it’s been quite a long time- since Asher is now 16 months old.

To celebrate this iconic holiday and weekend for us as a couple, we headed just 20 minutes outside of Seattle, over the pond (Lake Washington) to Bellevue where everything seems to be calm, clean and perfectly situated. Bellevue is a very popular city to visit and spend time in with it’s bustling businesses, restaurants, and award winning shopping. Ok, so I don’t actually know if it’s award-winning but in my book it’s the only place you could shop until you drop with so many stores and brands to choose from.

Our staycation began at AC Hotel Bellevue where we checked in for the night and got far more than we expected! As you first walk in, the ambiance and decor is refreshingly modern and chic with PNW elements that look as though they should be in an art museum, so intricate and visually intriguing. The awe inspiring details didn’t stop there though as we walk into our top level, corner suite with a view of the city and exceptional styling of the room itself – staying true to the modern allure of the hotel.

Bellevue Date Night 'Staycation' Done Right Bellevue Date Night 'Staycation' Done RightBellevue Date Night 'Staycation' Done Right

We freshen up, put our date night game faces (and outfits) on and head downstairs to the AC Lounge where we nestled up to the bar for our pregame drink and apps. The bartender and staff are very friendly and personable as we chat with them awhile about the local places to go and see, over our delicious meatballs and drinks.

We got wrapped up in conversation and the Olympics on the Lounge TV that we almost missed our dinner reservation. Luckily, the hotel is located within walking distance to just about everything you would want to see in Bellevue and just around the corner from the restaurant we went to. Since owe devoured our well sized apps at the AC Lounge, I ordered a light dinner at Lot No.3 consisting of a fresh salad and a not-so-light option of chicken and waffles for Chris, all of which was perfectly paired with a delicious cocktail.

Bellevue Date Night 'Staycation' Done RightBellevue Date Night 'Staycation' Done Right

Next stop on our staycation night-out was a movie at the Cinemark Reserve. The Cinemark Reserve is not your typical movie theater. With reclining chairs, waiter service, a bar in the lobby and an intimate space for optimal viewing pleasure, I would say the Cinemark is a movie theater on steroids catering to everything adults (especially parents! Lol) need in their lives. We watched ‘The Post’ with Tom Hanks- about The Washington Post reporting on classified government files regarding the Vietnam war. It was a late, slow moving movie with not a lot of action or suspense so as typical parents with a few drinks in them, we began to get droopy eyed and tired. Oh how things have changed! Hahah. Chris actually fell asleep at one point and luckily I got an extra shot of energy to get me through the movie but not enough to keep me going afterward. We headed back to the hotel after the movie and enjoyed a peaceful, 8 hour, non-interrupted, comfortable sleep without our daily alarm clock, aka Asher, to wake us up.

A few morning stretches, showers, and breakfast before heading back to our sweet baby boy brought the staycation to an end. It may have only been one night but those hours with Chris bring us back to the beginning of our relationship when butterflies are at their highest peak and allow us to spend time with one another without the daily disruptions and distractions that can so easily bridge a gap in a relationship if left unattended to.

If you are in Washington and looking for a weekend away or a night out with the hubby then I highly recommend checking out the AC Hotel Bellevue. Maybe just see a different movie. wink, wink.

Bellevue Date Night 'Staycation' Done Right

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