Make Your Own Wedding Day Emergency Kit With These Essentials


Be ready for all those wedding day “what if’s” with an emergency kit! Whether you’re facing a torn bustle (solution: safety pin) or a broken heel (glue to the rescue!), you’ll be prepared. You’ve probably seen these kits all over Pinterest and you can always buy a fancy, pre-assembled one. However, if you’re looking to save a little money or prefer a more custom touch, you can DIY your own with these items. And, as a lovely bridesmaid gift, you can always spread the cute and put together some Bridesmaid Wedding Day Emergency Kits as well!

Short on time or just not a “DIY” person? Scroll to the bottom of the post for pre-made emergency kit headquarters. We’ve also included some completed honeymoon, bridesmaid, and bachelorette party emergency kits!

Here are our fave picks for ready to go emergency kits, for everything from the bachelorette party to the wedding day and honeymoon!

Photography by: Dream State
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