A Checklist of Your Bridal Suite Must Haves! #AskDes


“On Wednesdays we wear pink”…and get our wedding planning and styling questions answered! Thank you for meeting me here–confession: so I’m not wearing pink BUT I am excited to dive into the questions you submitted on social media using the hashtag #AskDes.

By the way, if you are in need to some more wedding planning help, you might want to check out my book, My Fairy Tale Wedding: Planning Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank. It’s basically a book-length #AskDes and it breaks down EVERY area of wedding planning so you can save big while still having a beautiful bridal day. I wrote it after I planned my own wedding and I’m so glad I did because, even though I’ve worked in the bridal industry for years, there really isn’t anything like going through the experience yourself.

That’s one thing that always stays with me when I’m working with brides–the memories of what it’s like to feel so excited but also nervous about how everything will come out. It truly informs my perspective and influences all my decisions about my wedding gown collections, bridal blog, and other projects. I look back and remember the ways I felt and ask myself how I can use those experiences to better help you brides.

Now, for the questions!

Marlo asks: What should I have in my bridal suite?

BUBBLY, naturally! Okay, so in all seriousness, here is a comprehensive list of everything you need in your bridal suite (this list is for you, the bride, but keep in mind that your bridesmaids will also need to bring their gowns, heels, etc).


– Wedding gown

-Pretty hanger for wedding dress


-Heels/anything to make heels more comfortable (inserts, gel soles, etc)



-Hand steamer for veil

-Straw for drinking so your lipstick doesn’t get messed up

-Snacks/light lunch

-Water (this is a biggie! Be sure you stay hydrated)




-Bridesmaid/flower girl/mother-of-the-bride gifts

-Groom’s gift/note for groom

-Getting ready robe

-Flip flops or slippers to wear around suite before putting on heels


-Makeup wipes



-Phone charger


-Button down shirt/shorts, romper, or cute dress to wear underneath your robe while getting ready


Steffy asks: How can I make sure I get pretty getting-ready photos?

There really isn’t anything more romantic than photos of a bride slipping into her wedding dress! Of course, your photographer will direct you and know which shots to get but keep these tips in mind to help her out.

Keep the bridal suite tidy

It can be easy to let things get a little messy in the bridal suite but try to stay orderly so there aren’t random clothes or curling irons in the background of all your photos.

Think about lighting

If possible, try to sit by a window when getting your makeup done so your photographer can capture you in natural light.

Set out your perfume, veil, garter, and accessories–also add in your bouquet once it is delivered!

You’ll want to remember the special details of your wedding day ensemble so be sure to set them all out for your photographer to capture.

Clear an area to put on your wedding dress

Look around your bridal suite–is there a gilded mirror or beautiful painting hanging on the wall? You might want to put your wedding gown on in front of it. It takes space to put on your dress so be sure to clear one and have enough room for your bridesmaids and MOH to be around you.

That’s it for today! Meet me here again next week for more questions and answers!



Photography by: Rachel SolomonPhotography by: Katelyn James
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