Can’t Even? This Headscarf Hairstyle Is Perfect For Those Lazy Days


We get it–you have a LOT on your plate so on your off day you want it to be precisely that: an off day! The sort that you spend in your yoga pants and fuzzy socks. However, sometimes you have to venture out to places like the grocery store or coffee with a friend. So when life calls and you must leave your comfy couch, this hairstyle from Keiko Lynn is the perfect solution for getting presentable while still rocking that messy bun!

Here’s how:

Start by folding a scarf into a long, narrow rectangle

With the folded sections of the scarf facing inwards, wrap it around your head so that ends or tails come up around the top of your head

Tie a loose knot with the ends of the scarf

Tuck the ends underneath the band part of the scarf so you don’t see them

And you’re done!


Photography by: Keiko Lynn
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