Is It Okay to Wear Red to a Wedding? #AskDes


Hey, hey, it’s Wednesday! That means that I’ll be answering your wedding styling and planning questions that you submitted online using the hashtag #AskDes. This week, you had wedding guest questions on your mind and I thought it would be a good idea to answer them. Even if you are a bride, these are helpful so you can know what to expect from your guests!

It’s the first #AskDes of February! Is it just me, or is this year already flying by? This month is full of wonderful, busy things and I’m already excited. On February 11th, I’ll be the special guest at the Make My Wedding Day Expo in Jacksonville, Florida. This expo is a one stop shop for all of your wedding planning! You’ll get to meet the top vendors in your area and book them for your special day–it’s basically a DONE and DONE button for your wedding planning. At the exclusive VIP After Party, you’ll get to enjoy a fashion show featuring my gowns while enjoying some champs and appetizers. I love fashion shows because you get see the gowns in motion (after all, at your wedding day, you won’t be standing still. You’ll be hugging and dancing and laughing so seeing how wedding dresses move is essential in finding the perfect one). I’ll be there so be sure to come by and say “hello”!

Now, onto the questions:

Chante asks: Is it taboo to wear a red dress to a wedding?

Everyone knows not wear a white gown to a wedding…but what about a red dress? Unless you know that the bridesmaids will be in red or the invitation specifically requests that you wear a certain color, it is generally okay to put on that red dress and make like the dancing girl emoji (you know the one!). However, if the wedding is a Chinese wedding, the bride might actually be wearing the vibrant shade because it stands for happiness and good fortune for the couple. To be safe, you might want to wear a different color so the bride can stand out as the star of the day (the last thing you want to do is twin with the bride on her wedding day!).

Erin asks: I have a wardrobe full of dresses for special occasions–how do I keep them fresh for the different weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties I attend?

When wedding season hits, you’ll want to enliven your wardrobe so you feel fresh and pretty! If you have a couple outfit staples that you feel good in (for example, a dress that hits you in all the right places), give them a new take with some accessories. Consider layering on a pretty lace kimono over your favorite dress for a bridal shower, adding some sparkly heels for a bachelorette party, and slipping on a fun faux fur for a wedding. Getting creative saves you from having to buy new dresses for each event and lets you get imaginative. Statement necklaces, ribbon belts, chandelier earrings, cropped jackets, booties, and patterned tights give your outfits new twists (of course, don’t wear these all at once 🙂 …try them out in different variations with your looks). Even makeup and hairstyles can convert a style. Vampy lips, smoky eyes, and tousled waves will bring out the oh-la-la side of an LBD while a polished chignon, pearls, and kitten heels with an LBD will give you all the classy vibes. Here’s to giving new life to old outfits!

That’s all for now–Meet me here next week for more answers!



Photography by: Femina PhotoPhotography by: Rachel Solomon
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